Log – 2010

DateTimeCommentLogCumulative logEngine (mins)Engine (total hours)WeatherOn board
Jul-10Purchased boat
10/07/201005:10Left Levington0.00Wind v.light 2-4 knotsAndy, Ian and Alex
06:10Landguard cardinal 1/2m port6.41
Hoisted sails - kept engine onW 6kt
06:30Engine off80Wind variable but filling in 7-9kt
07:00Walton Pier 1/4m starboard beam10.80
08:10Clacton Pier 1/m starboard beam16.40
09:05N.Eagle close port19.60
09:30Colne Bar to starboard20.80
Engine onWind died to 2kt
09:40Engine off10
10:35Sails down - engine on
10:45Nass beacon - port beam
11:20Berth F46 Tollesbury27.1027.1045
17/07/2010Andy, Anne & Alex
04:50Left marina
05:20Nass abeam2.66
05:35Main & full jib - engine off45
05:55Bench head abeam6.80Wind S-SSW 4-5
Going beautifully nearly 9kt OG to Colne Bar, but bore away round Colne Bar and then dead downwind. A little rolly, but still maaking 7.5-8kt OG.
07:30Walton Pier 3/4m to port18.30
07:50Medusa 1/2m stb beam21.20
08:45Jib in - in river approaching Levington
09:00Main down, engine on30.40
09:35Allocated berth A3 in Woolverstone - went into it, but too tight, so came out and went across middle/end of pontoon33.8060.9035
18/07/2010Anne & Andy - Alex went home with Mum and Dad after meal at Butt & Oyster
11:10Left - sprung off and backed out. Boat handled beautifully.
12:00Hoisted double reefed main
12:10Across Shotley channel7.60
12:25Jib 2/3 out - engine off75
12:3551 51.91N 01 19.14E10.00
15:05North Eagle - cracked off to Bar Buoy - awkward seas through Wallet24.50
15:55Dropped sails at Nass - engine on31.00
16:20Picked up mooring in Fleet to wait for tide - only around 4ft6in over sill.33.8025
17:00Left mooring - engine on
17:20In berth34.8095.7020
15/08/2010Andy, Pete & Richard Bettles
15:35Left marina - motored out to Nass
16:00Hoisted main beyond Nass - main halyard shackle broke and main came straight down. Packed main away. Pulled full jib out and headed for Bench Head.25
16:25Tacked about 1.5m short of Bench Head - making 9.2knNW6-7
16:45Engine on - rolled jib away
17:10Back in berth - interesting turn but made it round and in.8.00103.7025
22/08/2010Andy & Anne
Out to Nass - motoring. Put reef lines in main and sailed for 20min under main only6.85110.5560
03/09/2010Andy & Anne
06:45Left marina
07:00Picked up mooring15
Tide 3.7m - about 5ft9in over sill
08:15Left mooring0.80
08:35Nass (min depth 3.2m on way out)2.68
08:40Full sail - engine off25
09:55Wallet Spitway9.70
10:50West Hook Middle15.20
12:10Maplin Edge20.90
13:25Blacktail Spit buoy 0.5m stbd beam26.90
14:05Medway S/W30.70
15:10Garrison Pt. abeam36.20
15:45No.12R to port - weaving down river, wind quite light and nearly dead downwind39.10
16:10Sails down - engine on. Off Kingsnorth Jetty, wind dying42.00
17:05Locked into Chatham Maritime marina
17:15Berth E2645.50156.0565
05/09/2010Andy & Anne
09:20Left Chatham - lock on freeflow around 1.5h-30m before HW if tide is sufficiently high
Motoring up river - Wind E3 - dead aheadE3
10:35N.Cardinal off Thamesport8.20
10:40Hoisted main - 1 reef - motorsailing
10:55Garrison Pt close to stabd.10.20E3-4
11:40Medway buoy port beam15.30
Engine off - 2/3 jib out140
12:40Maplin buoy close port21.20
14:05Wallet Spitway (min depth 3.0m - 1.5 under keel)31.00E5-6
15:40Took sails down near Nass - engine on42.00
16:10Picked up mooring in Mersea - attempted to get into Tollesbury but ran aground several times - got off with difficulty43.5030E6-7
19:30Left Mersea and crept into Tollesbury. Min depth in channel and moorings 2.7m
19:50Picked up mooring in Tollesbury Fleet45.25201.3020
06/09/201010:20Left mooring and motored in
10:30Moored with difficulty!0.90202.2010E6
12/09/2010Andy, Tim and Paul
15:20Left marina
16:00Hoisted full main and 2/3 jib, tacked down river, engine off40
16:50Headed round to Bench Head, let full jib out
17:40Bench Head - rounded up into Colne, engine on, sails down12.80
18:40Picked up mooring in Pyefleet - quite well down, 4.5m at half tide18.50220.7060
13/09/201009:25Left mooring
09:50Engine off, 2 reefs in main and 2/3 jib25SW4-5
Short-tacked down river
12:15Sails down and engine on. Picked up mooring off Stone SC.16.705
13:50Left mooring
13:55Full jib out, engine off5
15:00Engine on, jib in by Nass23.90
15:30Moored up26.70247.4030
Charmary's logbook for 2010 sailing