Summary/sailing log 2013

Below is the sailing log for 2013.

DateTimeCommentLogCumulative logEngine (mins)Engine (total)WeatherOn board
01/05/2013Anne & Andy
05:15Left Bangor marina6843.7Wind SW3-4
05:35Full sail up - heading slightly high on broad reach to keep speed up
05:40Engine off25
Gybing and goosewinging at various times to try and get a decent pace, but wind gradually dying and going S
07:45Engine on, jib in5786.6
Headed up a bit onto 050C to reduce XTE
09:0054 58.175 N 5 25.304 W6863.2
10:00Wind gone round 40 deg. Or so W and risen. Engine off, jib out. 02.558N 5 17.051 W6869.3135Wind WSW4
10:30Wind died again and shifted to S - down to 8-9kts true - not enough to keep us going. Engine on, jib in.
11:00Wind back again - around 12-14kts. Engine off, jib out. 55 07.519 N 5 12.333 W6875.230
11:20Wind increased 18-22kts - making 7-8kts OG5803.3
12:00Wind still blowing around 17-20kts from NW. 55 13.678 N 5 05.864 W6882.5
Almost level with Ailsa Craig - v. impressive lump of rock.
13:0055 20.125 N 5 00.215 W6889.9
Wind dropped v. slightly to 15-17kts - still making 7kts OG
13:30Wind back up again 20-22kts
14:00Wind dropped a little 12-15kts. 55 26.513 N 4 51.794 W6898
14:55Wind dropping right off. Engine on, jib out. 1.2M to Lady Isle
15:30Main in
15:55In Troon Yacht Haven - Berth B13690860
02/05/201308:40Left Troon Marina6908Wind v. light 3-4kts
10:00Horse Island stbd beam 0.5M off6915.2
10:450.5M off Farland Head - stbd beam6919.5
11:45In Largs Yacht Haven - berth K476925.2185
04/05/201306:35Left marina6925.2Baro 1014 Wind SW2 Cold
07:05Wind increased a bit W3. Full sail, engine off30
07:50Wind dropped. Engine on, jib in
08:20Cloch Point 0.5M stbd beam6935.7
08:45Kempock Point 0.5M stbd beam6938.3Wind W4-5
09:40Arrived and berthed - Rhu Marina6942.8110
07/05/201308:55Left marina6942.8Wind SW1-2 Sunny
10:00Stone Point S Cardinal6948.9
10:50Picked up a morring off Kilmun6952.2115
13:55Left mooring
15:20Back in Rhu marina6960.585
18/06/201309:35Left Rhu marina6960.5Baro 1021Andy & Anne
10:30Off Baron's Point - entering Loch Long6965.2Wind SE1
11:30Turning to enter Loch Goil6971.1
Wind increased to 10-12 knots, but only 5kts apparent
11:50Wind increased a little - 12kts Engine off, jib out135
12:35Jib in, engine on
12:40Picked up morring Loch Goilhead6976.75
19/06/201308:25Left mooring6976.7Wind calm
Saw lots of seals by Gob a Chalmain pointBaro 1021
09:20Back in Loch Long6981.8
09:45Breeze increased S3 Hoisted main, motorsailing
11:03Wind increased S4 - still motorsailing E. Cardinal Dunoon Bank6991.5
11:40Engine off, jib out195
12:05Tacked towards Rothesay - had to put in a couple of tacks after windshift
12:55Engine on, sails down
13:10Berthed D pontoon - Port Bannatyne marina7004.815
20/06/201308:40Left Port Bannatyne7004.8Baro 1021
09:05Hoisted main - motorsailingWind NE 1-2
09:45Through channel through Burnt Islands7011.2
Saw a seal and went through swarms of jellyfish
10:50Breeze settled down to SE2-3 Engine off, jib out130
11:00Red can off Ardlamont Point close to stbd7018.9
12:20Approaching Arran wind died. Engine on, sails in
12:40On visitors mooring 3 - Loch Ranza702820
21/06/201308:10Dropped mooring7028Baro 1015
08:20Main and 2/3 jib, engine off10Wind W3 - grey and murky
08:50Wind died. Engine on, jib in
09:10Wind increased again from NN4 gusting 5
Still motorsailing
10:00Approaching Tarbert - main down
10:15Moored up East Tarbert A157040.985
24/06/201307:25Left Tarbert7040.9Baro 1025
07:40Jib out, engine off15Wind NW3 gusting 4
09:05Red No.47 off Ardlamont Pt.7049.5
Engine on, jib in - heading directly to windward up West Kyle
10:00Round top of West Kyle55
Engine off, jib out
Weaved slowly through Burnt Islands - wind v.fluky and variable
Ran down East Kyle - jib onlyWind var N-NW 2-5
11:40Engine on, jib in - round Ardmaleish Point
11:50Moored up Port Bannatyne7064.4
25/06/201308:05Left Port Banntyne7064.4Wind calm
Lots of activity round Clyde - saw Waverley and then 7 police boats, 2 minesweepers and a patrol boatBaro 1016
10:55Moored up Rhu7081.5170
Vanguard Class nuclear sub came in
18/07/201309:10Left marina7081.5Wind SW 1-2 CloudyAnne & Andy
Baro 1032
09:40Hoisted main, motorsailed down channel. Wind varying through 40-50 degrees. Settleed at SW2 eventually.
11:25Tried jib out, but only made 3.5kts OG, so pulled in again.
12:00Heading past Mountstewart House on Bute7098.9
12:25Wind increased a little - 1o-11kts true. Jib out, engine off105
12:40Passing lighthouse on Rubh'an Eun point7103.5
13:35Wind dying. Jib in, engine on
14:00Wind died completely 1-4kts. Sun starting to break through fully.
14:20No wind at all, main down
14:45Entering Lamlash bay past R in North Channel
15:05On visitor's mooring in Lamlash7117.290
19/07/201314:15Dropped mooring in Lamlash7117.2Wind - calm. Baro 1031
16:25Entering Hunterston Channel at bottom of Little Cumbrae Island7130.7
17:20In berth D18 Largs Yacht Haven7135.9185
20/07/201308:55Left Largs7135.9Wind var - essentially calm. Baro 1031
09:20Hoisted main - motorsailingWind rapidly became N3-4
09:30Jib out (.), engine off35Wind NNE 4-5 occ gusting 6
Tacked up Firth
11:30Rounded Cloch Point7151Wind dropped to F3 and below
Full jib out
12:05Wind dying fast, tacked through moorings off Gourock but dropped to nothing. Engine on, jib in
12:55Picked up our mooring for lunch7159.150
14:10Dropped mooring
14:20Berthed in usual berth - Rhu marina7159.510
09/08/201310:45Left Rhu7159.5Baro 1020. Weaather grey, patchy cloud.Andy, Derek and Adie
11:00Main up - one reef. Engine offWind N/NW 3-4
11:05Full jib out20
Tacked a couple of times to clear Cloch Point
Wind all over the shop between 2 and 23 knots. V. gusty and more wind on Dunoon shore a lot of the time.
14:10Engine on, jib in. Main down off entrance to Largs.
14:30Berth E6 Largs marina718020
10/08/2013Made decision early morning not to take part in RYA Cruise - mainly for weather reasons.
07:55Left Largs7180Baro 1024. Patchy cloud.
08:15Engine off, full sail out20Wind S/SW 2 - shifty
Tacked down Hunterston Channel
09:15Wind died - engine on, jib in
Heading through Cumbrae Pass
10:00A little bit of breeze. Engine off, jib out45Wind SW2
12:30Wind died - engine on, jib in
12:40Wind back again. Engine off, jib out10
13:15Engine on, sails down
13:30Berthed in Tarbert7207.615
11/08/201309:10Left Tarbert7207.6Baro 1020. V. Showery overnight and morning, sunny spells.
09:25One reef in main and jib two dots. Engine off.15
10:50Cleared Skipness Point - tried to head up, but wind headed us. Will have to tack down Kilbrannan Soundd7216.1
12:25Only had to do one tack - more or less making sound on starboard.
13:20Red buoy off Carradale Pt.7231.2
14:30Otterard Rock E Cardinal7239.3
14:40Jib in, engine on
15:10Moored on Campbeltown pontoon7243.330
12/08/201308:50Left Campbeltown7243.3Baro 1019. Cloudy, some sunny patches.
09:10Main up, engine off20Wind NW4-5
09:25Gybed past Davaar Island lighthouse. Jib out, two dots. Making nearly 7kts.Wind NW5-6
11:45Gybed onto port heading for wpt. Just south of Ailsa Craig around 4 miles away.
12:40Rounded Ailsa Craig close - up on wind. A couple more rolls in jib.7266.5
Lively beat - going beautifully.
14:10Sea eased a lot in lee of Pladda Island.
Wind dropped a little and fluky.
14:45Jib in during a lull.
14:55Engine on. Fullarton Rock R buoy7284
15:20Picked up mooring - Lamlash7286.725
Nearly hit boat on mooring next door when tide turned. Moved to a different local mooring.
13/08/201308:30Sailed off mooring7286.7Baro 1024. Sunny spells.
Slow tacking off Brodick Bay.
10:15Wind died completely. Engine on, jib in.
11:10Breeze filled in slightly from NNW2-3. Engine off, jib out.55
Tacking up towards Loch Fyne off North Arran shore.
12:50Wind died. Engine on, jib in.
13:15Wind filled in a little. Engine off, jib out.25
Wind v. variable - tacking to clear Sgat Mor.
13:55Past Sgat Mor - had to do two tacks to clear island.7312.7
14:10Engine on, sails in off Portavadie entrance
14:25Berth A10 Portavadie Marina7314.715
14/08/201308:30Left marina7314.7Baro 1024. Weather cloudy and grey.
08:45Engine off, full sail15Wind S2
Tacking down Loch Fyne. Wind very variable.
10:00Wind v. light and shifted to SW a little, so hoisted spinnaker. However, too light to make any real progress.
10:15Snuffed spinnaker, engine on.
10:30Round R off Ardlamont Pt and spinnaker out.Wind SW3
Engine off.15
11:15Spinnaker down round Rubha Dubh point. Tidied up.
11:25Jib out
11:40Engine on, jib in. Stuck our nose into Caladh Harbour.
11:50Through channel in Burnt Islands
Motorsailing down East KyleWind SE4 gusting 5
13:10Into Port Bannatyne7336.780
15/08/201309:15Left Port Bannatyne7336.7Baro 1015
09:30Main up one reef, engine off15
09:35Jib out, two dotsWind S4-5
Tacked down Firth of Clyde channel between Cumbrae and Bute.Heavy rain for a while
12:00Rounded southern tip of Little Cumbrae Island7352.8
12:50Rolled jib in and shadowed GP14 Nationals fleet down two reaches and watched finish
Hovered around to watch start of second race
13:25Engine on for more control to watch start
13:35Engine off - bore away towards Cloch Point10
13:40jib out
Wind very variable 10-24kts and significant shifts. Gybed down Firth of Clyde channel
15:45Round Cloch Point
Wind dropped a little
16:15Wind dropped further. Engine on, sails in.
17:05In Rhu - usual berth7378.780
09/09/201308:15Left Rhu7378.7Wind calm.Andy, Andy L and John R
08:50Hoisted main - motorsailingBaro 1021
09:25Round Cloch Point7385.3Wind NW1-2
10:30Round Toward Point7392
11:55Through Burnt Islands. Engine off, jib out.220
Tacked up Loch Fyne towards Tarbert
14:45Engine on, sails down
15:15Berthed in Tarbert A47418.530
10/09/201306:50Left Tarbert7418.5Wind NW4
08:35Moored on waiting pontoon at Ardrishaig sea lock7429.4105
Having to wait a while to enter lock because of water restrictions
09:50Into Ardrishaig sea lock
10:20Moored in Ardrishaig basin
14:50Lock 11
15:40Out of Lock 13 - onto final stretch through Bellanoch to Crinan7433.6
16:25Moored right by Lock 147436385
11/09/201313:15Went down through Lock 147436Baro 1024
14:15Through Crinan Sea Lock after filling with water in Crinan Basin30
14:25Main up - motorsailingWind WNW3
A bit tight to make it through Doris Mor so kept engine on
14:55Through gap between Reisa an t'Struith and Reisa Mhic Phaidean7440.7
15:05Bore away up Sound of LuingWind WNW 3-4
Jib out (:), engine off50
15:20Wind eased a little, rest of jib out
16:00Fladda lighthouse abeam
16:25Wind died and more or less calm. Jib in, engine on.
18:00Main down, coming up Kerrera Sound
18:20In Oban Marina7461.3115
12/09/201308:45Left Oban Marina7461.3Baro 1023
08:55Main up. Went round north of Kerrera
09:05Jib out, engine off20Wind SW2-3
09:50Eilean Musdile lighthouse to stab'd7467
10:00Visibility closed in, tacked round and headed back to Oban7468
11:20Sails down and engine on
11:45On fuel berth at Oban. Added 50 ltrs
12:15In berth Oban7475.530
13/07/201310:40Left Oban marina (Kerrera)7475.5Baro 1025
Hoisted full sail to dry everything
12:05Arrived in Loch Feochan. Picked up buoy at Ardoran just off pontoon.748285