Below are some videos of Charmary sailing during recent years.

June/July 2017 – Helsinki to Oxelosund

June 2017 – Stockholm to Helsinki

June 2017 – Oxelosund to Stockholm

May 2017 – Back in the water at Oxelosund

June/July 2016 – Kalmar to Oxelosund

June 2016 – Spinnaker run – Kristianopel to Kalmar

June 2016 – Falsterbo to Kalmar (incl. CA Rally)

May/June 2016 – Kiel to Falsterbo via the Oresund

May 2016 – Through the Kiel Canal

May 2016 – Round Dokkum on the standing mast route

May 2016 – Round Leeuwarden on the standing mast route

May 2016 – Through Friesland on the standing mast route

August 2015 – Skutsje sailing

August 2015 – Cruising the Ijsselmeer and Markermeer

July 2015 – from Volendam back to Amsterdam

July 2015 – exploring the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer

June 2015 – through the standing mast route to Amsterdam

May 2015 – the death of the old Mermaid Meteor

August 2014 – Liferaft service at Suffolk Marine Safety

June 7th 2014 – Down the Tyne to Royal Quays Marina

June 5th 2014 – Entering Eyemouth Harbour

May 19th 2014 – Sailing down Loch Ness past castle Urquhart

May 18th 2014 – Down through the Fort Augustus locks to Loch Ness

May 17-19th 2014 – Creeping along the Caledonian Canal

April 22nd 2014 – Back in the water at Loch Feochan

September 13th 2013 – Entering Loch Feochan

September 10/11th 2013 – Through the Crinan Canal

August 15th 2013 – Port Bannatyne to Rhu via Cumbrae

August 14th 2013 – Down the Kyles of Bute under spinnaker

August 12th 2013 – From Campbeltown to Lamlash Bay via Ailsa Craig

May 29th 2012 – HM Coastguard helicopter hi-line training exercise

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  1. Hello Anne and Andy

    I’m not sure if you are on Charmary at the present, taking her to Oban in readiness for her winter mooring. I’ll send and email to Anne’s address as well. What an experience it must have been going through the Crinan Canal. Slow going???? I notice in a number of your other photos that the skies look rather ominous and you are well and truly rugged up. It makes me feel cold looking at some of the waves and dark clouds above. Then again, the spinnaker is a beautiful mixture of bold, bright colours.

    My computer is on its very last legs. So slow in fact that upon giving a command I can then put out some washing, unpack groceries etc etc before returning to the computer in the hope that it has in fact moved on with my request. The car has been consuming $$$$$$s recently so a new laptop is next on the list.

    I have two piles of clothes in my bedroom, one winter, one summer, to cope with our ever changing day temps. Now I’m back in socks and cardigan in lieu of shorts and t-shirts.

    Repotting plants and enjoying my olive tree, doubt it will ever bear fruit. My white jasmine is literally sprouting buds before my eyes, the pink one has finished flowering for the year. About to plant some white alyssum and parsley and may need to repot my Jennifer-Susan camellia which is not showing any progress.

    I’m sorry Anne that I cannot assist you with your queries re relatives. Dene is the one I rely on for any information in that area.

    Would you believe, your recent email has appeared below this one I am writing and I note that you are both at home and going north in November to sort out Charmary for the winter. Hmmmm, sorry about that, what a memory I now have.

    Will have some lunch and then move over to your home emaill address. With love, Jen

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