Summary/sailing log 2015

Below is the sailing log for 2015.

DateTimeCommentLogCumulative logEngine (mins)Engine (total)WeatherOn board
06/06/2015Andy, Ric and Russell
14:15Left marina to test new engine8444.9Wind SW5-6
Motored out to leavings and experimented
15:20Back in berth8449.365
14:50Engine on, had to wait for queue of boats to leave8449.3Wind NE2-3, SunnyAndy, Ric and Derek
15:00Left marina
15:35Nass - full sail up
15:40Engine off60Wind NE3
16:20Bench Head - stbd beam - bore away8456.1
16:50Headed by wind - back on wind
17:30Wallet No.3 green to stbd - had to tack to avoid work off Clacton8462.4
Tacked back on edge of wind farm
18:00Wallet No.1 green close stbd8465.4
18:50Tacked across just south of Cork Sand
Making around 120OC OG
18:55S.Cork cdnl close to port8469.2
19:15NE Gunfleet cdnl8472
20:10Black Deep 1/2M to stbd8476.7
20:30Long Sand Head 1/2M to port8478
21:00Took reefs out of main and jibWind NE2-3
51 45.468N 1 41.935E
22:00Sunk S2 safe water buoy8485.6
00:0151 35.786N 1 56.820E8494.6
01:50Breeze increased again
Crossing Noord Hinder South TSS
51 31.743N 2 07.075E8503.2
02:4551 31N 2 15.23E8509
04:00Wind increased to F4-5 in last hour and round more N.
Cracked off towards Groote Bank as waypoint - 15 miles away
51 30.612N 2 30.632E8518.3
05:00Wind gusting 5-6, took in one reef and four rolls
05:45Groote Bank E cdnl 1/2M port8531.3
06:30Took in second reef and 2-3 more rolls
07:15Samselbu W cdnl close to port8542.7Wind NE5-6
08:15Wind dying a little and heading us.
Just off W4 red8549.2
08:35Jib in, engine on - motorsailing to head up north of channel
09:35W8 red channel buoy 1/4M stbd
10:40Approachinging Vlissingen lock - main down
10:50Tied up in lock8565.2
12:40Through first 3 bridges on Walcheren Canal, on staging waiting for Stationsbrug in Middelburg8568.6
13:30Through Spikersbrug into 1st Binnenhaven8569.7295
Fiona joined us from Amsterdam mid-morningCloudy, Baro 1035
13:14Cast off for bridge opening8569.7
14:10Into Schutsluis nr. Veere8573.1
14:25Through lockWind NE5-6
Pontoon outside Veere lee shore so decided not to moor.
14:35Engine off - half jib out following Hoppetosse80
14:50Heading round corner by Orangeplaat
15:20Moored on pontoon no Bastiaan de Langeplaat8577.410
09:05Left pontoon8577.4Sunny. Wind NE4
09:30Round corner by Vluchthaven Geersdijk
Jib out, engine off.25
Wind all over the shop - a short sail.
09:45Engine back on - turning corner to Kortgene.
10:15Hovering outside Zandkreeksluis8584.3
11:05Cleared lock - heading through Katseplaat channelWind NE5
10:25Engine off, 2/3 jib out40
Beating towards Zieriksee bridge
11:20Tacked round down Keeten channel
13:00Keeten channel veers NE
Engine on, jib in 8595.8
14:20Into Krammersluizen yacht lock - motored straight in
Board said 18.5m - probably about 0.5m clearance as we came out
14:35Exited lock8604.4
14:45Full jib out, engine off95Wind NE3-4
15:15Need to head further north towards Volkeraksluizen and can't make it, so engine on, jib in
At junction with Schelde-Rijn canal8608.5
16:20Straight into Volkerak jachtensluis8615.5
16:30Locked out
Had to wait outside for 10-15 minutes for a police boat heading into Willemstad
17:20Into a box berth (v.v badly) in Willemstad Haven8618125
10:30Slipped from Willemstad8618Wind NE4-5, Baro 1027
11:45Turned into Dordtsche Kil8625.2
12:45Round corner into Oude Maas8631.8
15:05Round corner into Hollandsche Ijssel8643.9
17:05Approaching Juliansluis - Gouda8653.8
Had to wait for barge to go through
17:30Into Juliansluis as 'english yacht' - another barge behind
17:40Clearing lock
18:05Into VW Gouda - narrow entrance into marina, narrow marina as well!8655.6455
12:05Left marina - slightly tight space to turn round8655.6
12:15Waiting for Gouda rail bridge
12:35Clear of two railway bridges
13:15Through Hefbrug in Boskoop
Good timing following a barge so everything opening for us8660.5
13:55Through Hefbrug to Gouwsluis8663.4
Double bridge - lost barge escort to container terminal
Following Dutchman. Long wait (25m) for Albert Schweitzerbrug, but then through that and Molenaarsbrug
14:55Through Molenaarsbrug8665.5
15:35Into BrassemeerWind E2-3
Jib out, engine off210
15:55Engine off, jib in
16:00Berthed in Watersportcentrum Brassemermeer8669.4
10:00Left Jachthaven de Brassemermeer8669.4Cloudy, slight rain, baro 1014
11:20Hovering at Aalsmeerbrug
11:40Through bridge8676.4
12:20Waiting for Schipol Draaibrug
12:35Through Draaibrug8680.1
13:05Moored at waiting pontoon8682.2185
23:20VHF announced in Dutch - first bridge at 22:50
23:45Red and green - left pier
Around 10 boats in convoy. V. quick bridge lifts8682.3
14/06/201501:50Through final major rail bridge from Amsterdam CS8685.1
02:20In berth O4 Amsterdam Marina8686.3155
11:45Headed round to pump-out station, pumped out.8686.3
12:00Back in berth8687
11:30Headed round to pump-out station8687Wind NE2, baro 1030Anne on board as well
11:45Heading down Nordzeekanaal towards locks
12:45Into Oranjesluizen (about 10 min wait)8691.7
12:05Through Schellingwouderbrug (every 20 min)
13:20Pulled out jib at end of channel, engine off110
13:55Engine on, jib in off Muiden entrance channel
14:20In Muiden8697.625
09:00Left Royal Dutch YC8697.6Wind SW3, sunny, baro 1028
09:05Filled up with fuel - 71 litres (34 hours)
09:15Left fuel berth
09:20Engine off, full jib out15
09:50Approaching entrance channel
Jib in, engine off8701.1
10:10Hanging around for Schellingwouderbrug8703.2
10:20Through bridge
10:30In lock8704
11:30Pumped out at marina
11:40Back in berth8708105
14/07/201511:40Left marina8708.1Baro 1020, cloudy, dryAnne, Derek and Adie
Heading down Nordzeekanaal to Oranjesluizen
12:40Tied up waiting for Oranjesluizen8712
12:50Into lock - busy - around 15 boats
13:25Clear of Schellingwoude bridge
13:55Past point
Hoisted main - 2 reefs and : jib125Wind W3-4
Tacked about 1M off Edam
Sails in off Edam, engine on
16:05Moored on starboard side - Edam8727.715
15/07/201514:10Left Edam8727.7Baro 1022, misty, light rain
14:25Sails up (full), engine off15Wind SW2-3
15:50Sails down outside Hoorn entrance, engine on
16:05In box berth A114 - Hoorn. Had to call first at waiting berth.8735.615
16/07/201510:20Left Hoorn - went round to pump-out barge. Had to wait for two brown boats.8735.6Sunny spells, wind W1-2
10:45Left Hoorn harbour
12:40In lock - Enkhuizen8745.8140
12:45Though Enkhuizen lock
13:10Moored up in Compagnieshaven874730
16:00Left Enkhuizen again
Heading back to lock
16:10Straight into lock
16:15Out again
18:25Moored up in Bataviahaven Lelystad8760.8145
18/07/201509:30Left Lelystad8760.8Baro 1020
Hoisted main - 1 reef - in harbourWind WSW4-5
09:50Out of breakwater. Jib out - one dot, engine off20
11:25Approaching Enkhuizen lock channel. Sails in, engine on.
11:45Straight into lock - interesting entry
11:55Out of lock
12:00Jib out, engine off30
13:35Caught in middle of 29er European Championship when we wanted to tack for Medemblik
So, jib in, engine on8784.4
14:05In berth B10 Medemblik Regatta Centre8786.730
19/07/201508:30Left berth to pumping station8786.7Murky, baro 1015, Wind SE4-5
Harbour master told us pump was never used and didn't work!5
08:40Left Medemblik
Motoring upwind to shore for a lee
09:20Engine off, jib out - one dot40
Heading to windward
09:50Not making well OG to lock. Engine on, jib in.
10:40In lock8797.9
10:50Out of lock
Wind shifted to SW and died to 5-7 knots, so motoring across to Volendam
13:35in box G5 - Volendam marina8813.8220
20/07/201509:15Left Volendam8813.8Baro 1018, Wind SW2-3
09:25Jib out in approach channel, engine off10
09:40Rounded Marken breakwater, full main up
10:20Wind dying - jib in, engine onSW1-2
11:05No real sign if wind, so main down as well
12:00Through bridge - had to tie up and wait for lock
12:45Out of lock
13:40In berth O4 again, via pump-out8831.3185
06/08/201507:45Left marina8831.3Baro 1018 Wind SE1-2Andy L
Tried to pump-out but it was being repaired
Headed straight for Oranjesluis
08:35Stopped for diesel - 60.3 litres
08:50Headed off again
09:05In Oranjesluis - just 3 boats
09:25Through Schellingwouderbrug
10:10Wind v.light but hoisted full main and jib 3kts OG140SE2
10:30Wind died - jib in, engine on
13:50Main down, approachign Enkhuizen lock
14:10Straight into lock8858.2
14:50Into (box) berth M30 in Compagnieshaven8859.7255
07/08/201509:45Left marina8859.7Baro 1022
09:55Sails up, engine off (Engine hours 58.1)10Wind SSE2
10:10Wind died. Engine on, jib in
11:40Tiny bit of breeze filling in from NW. Engine off, jib out.90
13:15Approaching Lemmergeul channel. Sails down, engine on.
Watching Skutje fleet starting and racing
14:50in Jachthaven Lemmer8878.1
14:55Moved to another berth8878.2
08/08/201509:30Left lemmer8878.2Sunny Baro 1025
09:50Main up, one reef, jib one dot
Engine off20Wind N/NE 4 - quite variable
Lovely sailing, wind just aft of beam
13:20Just off Medemblik. Engine on, sails in to weave through Laser 4.7 fleet
13:50In Regatta Centre Medemblik890130
09/08/201509:10Left Medemblik8901Sunny Baro 1028
09:25Sails up, engine off15Wind E2-3
Tacking across to EnkhuizenWind SE (shifty) 2-3
12:10Approaching Enkhuizen
Sails down, engine on
12:45Tied up in Compagnieshaven after temporary mooring at Meldsteiger pontoon8914.135
10/08/201511:00Left Enkhuizen8914.1Baro 1024 Wind S-SW 1John R and Andy L
13:10Moored in Stavoren for lunch8925.2130
14:55Left Stavoren - sailed off with engine on tick-over
15:10Hoisted main outside entrance and engine off15Wind v.light SE2
Goosewinged across towards Hindeloopen
16:35Sails in, engine on approaching Hindeloopen
16:50Alongside fuel berth to be allocated berth
17:00In berth 1378929.120
11/08/201509:10Left berth8929.1Baro 1022 Wind SW1-2 Cloudy
Moored quickly at pump-out/fuel but no-one there
09:15Left properly
09:30Full sail up, making 2kts OG15Wind WSW2
10:30Wind increasing and shiftingWind NW2-3
12:00Breeze dying againWind WNW1-2
13:15Breeze down to 3 knots. Jib in, engine on
Around 2.5M from Enkhuizen
14:05In Enkhuizen lock8945.150
14:10Out of lock
14:40Sails up, engine off30Wind S2-3
Wind went SW2 - wavered between Lelystad or Hoorn as destinations
Tacked out to cover both options and eventually chose Hoorn
15:40Sudden shift to NE3. Eased sails to head for Hoorn
17:30Moored up in Hoorn8957.110
12/08/201510:40Left marina8957.1
Tried to fill with fuel and pump-out, but barge closed Wednesdays
10:45Main up in harbourWind NE3-4
10:50Engine off, jib out10
Lovely sailing
13:05Inside entrance to Lelystad
Sails down, engine on
13:20Tied up in Bataviahaven8973.615
13/08/201507:40Left Lelystad8973.6Baro 1026 Wind NE4
07:50Jib out, engine off10
Pottering under jib only downwind
09:00Gybed jib across as wind veered E
11:55Engine on and gunned it to make 12:00 bridge
12:00Jib in - last through bridge
12:30Into Oranjesluis - chaos35
13:40Pumped out - pump-out had moved.60
Tried to get round to berth on inside, but entrance now blocked
13:45In berth8998.5
24/10/201510:30Left marina8998.5Baro 1024Chris, Wendy and Andy
11:30Waiting for Oranjesluis9001.6
11:45In lock
12:05Through Schellingwouderbrug
12:25Full main and jib up135Wind S3
Heading for LelystadRound to west of south 3
16:30Engine on, sails in
16:55Tied up in Batavia Haven9019.925
25/10/201512:55Left Batavia Haven9019.1Baro 1030
Motoring straight across to Enkhuizen - too light to sailWind NW0-1
15:25Waiting - tied up outside Enkhuizen lock150
15:40Through lock
16:00Meldsteiger berth - Compagnieshaven
16:15Moved to B40 - just behind Meldsteiger9032.235
27/10/201509:20Moved round to fuel berth9032.2Baro 1023 Sunny
Added 55 litres
09:35Left fuel berth5
09:50Waiting for lock15
10:15Clear of lock
Full main and : jibWind SE4 g 5
10:20Engine off25
11:20Wind eased a little - full jib outWind F3-4
13:30Wind died down to 4 knots - only making less than 1kt OG
Engine on, jib in
13:40Engine off, jib out10Wind SE2-3
14:35Off Muiden approach channel
Engine on, sails in
14:55Moored up Muiden marina9055.720
28/10/201509:10Left Stichting Jachthaven9055.7Cloudy, Wind SE1-2
10:20Waiting for SchellingwouderbrugBaro 1018
10:40Through bridge
10:45In lock90
10:50Heading along Nordzee canal
12:10Back in berth after pump-out9063.970