Summary/sailing log 2014

Below is the sailing log for 2014.

DateTimeCommentLogCumulative logEngine (mins)Engine (total)WeatherOn board
05:25Dropped mooring at Ardoran7482.1Wind calm
05:42Last of Loch Feochan channel markersBaro 1021
Min depth in channel around 4.3m7483.5
06:40Berthed in Kerrera marina7488.875
14/04/201409:20Left Kerrera7488.8Baro 1032Derek, Adie and Andy
Motored round the back of Kerrera to try and find seal colony - no joyWind calm
10:10Full sail up - had ro redo main track insert as it had popped out blocking halyard7493.2
Engine off50
Slow progress - Wind SW 1-2
10:55Tide still against us past Lady isle - only making 0.5kt or less OG, so engine on to clear gap
11:02Engine off again - Wind incr to SW 10kts7Wind SW 3
14:20Engine on - just approaching Tobermory Bay.
14:30Main down in bay
14:40Moored on pontoons - Tobermory7514.720
15/05/201406:50Left Tobermory7514.7Wind W/SW 2-3
Motoring round to Bloody Bay - looking for white-tailed eagle. No eagles, but eider and a harbour porpoiseBaro 1035
07:55Just beyond Ardmore Pt. turned around after hoisting main. Engine off.65Wind W4-5
Full jib. Wind variable and gusty round headlands.
08:30Back off entrance to Tobermory7524.1
11:10Glas Eileanan to stbd7537.3Wind v var but NW2-4
12:12Through between Lismore Lt and Lady Isle7541.9
Wind suddenly shifted to SW5
12:25Put one reef in
13:20Rounded southern tip of Kerrera - spotted two white-tailed eagles flying above island
13:35Rolled jib in (dead downwind).
Saw seals on rocks off KerreraWind S3
14:20Moored up on C pontoon Kerrera7554.315
16/05/201411:10Left Kerrera7554.3Wind SW4-5
11:25Engine off. 2/3 jib out15Sunny
Making 5-6.5 kts. Wind SW4-6Baro 1032
12:30Eilean Dubh abeam7561.8
12:45Appin pt G buoy to stbd7563.6
Around 1-1.5kts against us
13:00Headed up after Appin Narrows7565.7Wind gusting 38kts
made top speed of 9.1kt
13:15Round Shuna Island and heading up loch Linnhe to Corran narrows
14:00Corran Narrows around 4m away
Wind gusting 25-37kts - surfing fast - top speed 10.2kts
14:30Took another couple of rolls in jib - wind still gusting in 30s. Aimed to make her a little easier to steer. Seas quite short in shallower water approaching narrows.
15:45Jib in, engine on. Engine in neutral - still making 4kts under bare poles!
15:55Level with first green at Fort William7585.7
Pottering along as unable to lock in at Corpach till around 4.15pm
16:10Arrived at Corpach Lock. Waiting for 15-20 minutes while they lock some fishing boats out.
17:15Through Corpach sea lock and tied up in basin for the night.7588.190Rain started.
17/05/201408:30Left Corpach basin and into Corpach double lock7588.1
Pottered slowly waiting for staircase
09:45Moored up to pontoon below Neptune's Staircase75
10:00Entered staircase
11:45Out of last lock in staircase30
13:00Through Upper Gairloch lock into Loch Lochy75
14:50Into Laggan Locks110
15:10Through Laggan Locks and moored up on pontoon beyond7604.320
18/05/201411:00Headed off from Laggan jetty7604.3Baro 1008 Rain
Waited a while for weather to clear but still raining a little
11:20Through Loch Oich swing bridge and into Loch7605.6
12:10Cullochy Lock
12:50Kytra Lock7611.5
13:15Under Kytra power lines (temporarily lower because of works) - looked close but cleared fairly easily
13:35Moored up at top of Fort Augustus Flight7613.4155
15:40Entered Fort Augustus locks
16:40Moored up at pontoon just below flight at entrance to Loch Ness7613.560
19/05/2014Calm overnight but wind coming in from NE/E 2/3Baro 1011
08:50Reversed out of berth in Loch Ness7613.5
09:00Full jib, one reef in main
Engine off10
09:50Shook reef outWind NE 2/3
Tacking down Loch Ness
12:30Tacked into Urquhart Bay to look at castle
14:00Sails in, engine on
Coming to end of Loch Ness7643
15:40Lock into Muirtown lock
16:20Moored up at Seaport Marina7649.6100
02/06/2014Anne & Alex stayed on boardAndy & Ric
15:00Slipped from Seaport with Anne & Alex on board as well7649.6
Anne & Alex got off in Clachnaharry works lock
15:40Out of sea lock
16:10Tied up in Inverness Marina765255
03/06/2014Baro 1017
04:30Left Inverness Marina7652
05:12Petty Bank R to stbd7655.6
05:45Through between Chanonry Point and Fort George7659
06:10Riff Bank S buoy (S Cdl)7661.8
About 7-8 seals all around boat on approach to buoy
Tried sailing but wind only around 5-7 kts from S, so not quite enough - carried on motoring
08:15Still motoring - not quite enough breeze to sail
57 42.226N 3 37.84W7674.1
09:55Covesea Skerries N Cdl close to stbd7684.5
11:10A little sea breeze building from North, so sailing for a while. Engine off, jib out400
11:1057 44.133N 3 04.673W7692.2Wind N2
12:25Breeze dying a bit. Only making 2-3 kts OG. Jib in, engine on
12:2557 43.982N 2 55.771W7697.5
13:45Saw a whale - a Minke? Surfaced 3-4 times a couple of hundred metres from the boat
14:0057 43.881N 2 40.585W7707.1
15:30Raining 57 42.985N 2 23.116W7716.6
17:0557 42.826N 2 02.378W7727
17:20Fraserhead pierhead lighthouse stbd beam 1.5M7728.7
Seas very lumpy between Fraserburgh and Rattray HeadWind S4
Motorsailing out to waypoint 5M off Rattray head to avoid worst of seas
18:3057 39.622N 1 46.636W7735.1
19:00Still motorsailing - tacked round to heading just E of S
20:45Buchan Ness Lighthouse abeam7748.3
Wind dropped to 4-5kt true but still wallowing in left over seas
22:0057 22.618N 1 47.353W7755.5
04/06/201400:30Approaching Aberdeen - around 5 miles off
57 10.972N 1 54.904W7770.9
01:30Well past Aberdeen - a busy harbour even at night. VTS VHF traffic was more or less constant
57 04.656N 1 59.326W7778.3
02:30Approaching Stonehaven - 30M to Arbroath
56 59.360N 2 03.949W7784.6
05:00Approaching Montrose
56 45.422N 2 18.074W7800
06:00About 8M off Arbroath
56 38.948N 2 25.184W7807.1
07:35Into Arbroath - engine off7815.9
08:30Moved quickly to let inside boat out - moored back up on hammerhead7815.91205
05/06/201407:25Left Arbroath marina7815.9Baro 1011
Filled up with fuel on jetty - 60 litres added - around 2.5 litres per hour
07:45Left fuel jetty
08:00Main up, engine off20
08:05Full jib outNE3, Vis. 1.5-2M
09:0056 27.695N 2 30.007W7823.3
10:00Breeze still variable but making between 4-5.5kts OG
56 23.356N 2 26.445W7828.4
11:00Breeze increased slighty NE3-4 - sailing nicely. Making v similar pace to She 36 which set off just before us
56 18.329N 221.684W7834.9
12:00Breeze softened again
56 13.711N 2 17.858W7840.8
13:0056 09.098N 2 14.108'W7846.6
14:0056 03.812N 2 11.485W7852.6
15:10Wind dying, engine on
55 59.478N2 09.760W7857.3
16:45In and tied up to Eyemouth pontoon7866.195
06/06/201404:10Left Eyemouth7866.1Baro 1013
6-7 seals lounging on side as we went pastCloudy SE2-3
04:25Round N cdnl outside entranceWind WSW2-3
Marginal wind for sailing, so carrying on motoring to get some mileage done
05:05Wind increased slightlyWSW3-4
Engine off, main and 2/3 jib55
05:15Wind increased 4-5, making 7-8kts OG
05:40Breakfast in England! Just past Berwick on Tweed
07:05Through Goldstone Channel between Wingate and Goldstone buoys - heading towards Bamburgh Castle
07:25Wind died to F1-2. Jib in, engine on.
07:45Shoreston R7890.3Wind SE2
10:15Coquet Island lthouse (off Amble) about 1M off stbd beam7906.4
11:20Wind built a little and shifted east slightly 8-10kts true
Engine off, jib out235
12:45Had a pod of dolphins around - a few close but mostly fishing a little way away
12:45About 4.5M off N.Shields pierhead
13:15Engine on, sails in. Main was a real pain - had to take track insert out.
13:40Entering pierheads7927.6
14:15Into lock for Royal Quays
14:25In berth E9 - not v.elegantly7930.9
08/06/201404:05Slipped from Royal Quays marina7930.9Baro 1020
04:15Cleared lock - heading down river
06:20Wind increased S4, 2/3 jib, one reef in main and engine off135
07:35Wind decreased - full jibS3
09:00Wind shifted to SE - making around 100C
10:15Tacked inshore but only making 210C and wind dying
10:20Jib in, engine on - we need to head in the right direction!
11:05Breeze increased again and shiftedWind S4
Engine off, 2/3 jib out45
12:15Wind suddenly shifted SE and dropped slightly. Engine on, jib in.
54 33.527N 0 33.144W7979.9
13:45Having to motorsail at tight angle to make decent progressWind SE4/5
54 25.721W 0 25.108W7988.4
15:3054 16.416N 0 18.888W7998.1Wind SE4/5
16:30Filey Brigg cdnl 1 mile stbd beam8003.8
17:0054 11.587N 0 09.238W8007.7
18:30Flamborough Head lthouse 2.2M off bearing 240T8016.2
19:3054 05.868N 0 04.194E8022.4
20:3054 03.035N 0 07.634E8027.3
COG 150M SOG 4.1kts
20:35Vicious thunderstorm. Surrounded by sheet lightning and some forks. Torrential rain and winds gusting 32kts. Consistently 22-29kts
20:50Storm throughWind SE2
21:0054 00.494N 0 09.972E8031.2
21:10Now motorsailing on portWind shifted to E2-3
22:0053 56.449N 0 15.008E8037.2
09/06/2014Supply ships all over the place around the rigs
00:0153 46.303N 0 26.346E8049.8
02:00Heading around 155M - wind shiftedSE2-3
53 33.913N 0 38.887E8062.4
03:0053 26.990N 0 43.558E8068.8
04:45E Dudgeon cdnl - headed round for wpt jusst W of N.Haisbro8079.9
06:00Cracked off slightly - clearing Sheringham wind farm to east
53 12.458N 1 09.877E8089
07:00Wind increased a bit from E. Jib out, engine off1125
53 07.294N 1 16.360E8095.2
08:0053 02.550N 1 22.826E8101.4
11:00Just passing Happisburgh - about 4M off
52 50.503N 1 38.802E8121.8
12:00Wind suddenly died to 6-8kts or less. Jib in, engine on. Visibility closed in to 1-3M.Misty
13:10Hemsby R close to stbd8136.9
14:00Yarmouth outfall R close to stbd8142.7
14:45Holm Sand W cdnl 0.5M to port8148.1
15:20Main down
15:40Arrived in Lowestoft RNSYC8153.3220
15:55Moved to fuel berth. Added 75 litres.
16:25Back alongside Dutch boat on visitors pontoon8153.4
10/06/201404:05Slipped from RNSYC8153.4
04:10Cleared harbour piers
04:20Main upWind S3
04:40E Barnard cdnl 0.5M stbd beam8157
Motorsailing down coast
05:00Jib out, engine off - sailing for a while.55
Water alarm went off on engine, so Ric hunting out problem while we tack down coast
07:00Wind dropped and veeredWind SW-WSW2
08:00Orford Ness lighthouse 4M off stbd beam8174.5
Wind still v.var
08:55NE Whiting cdnl abeam8179.6
Tacked offshore again
09:10Wind headed - tacked back again - just making Landguard Pt
11:00Temporary repair made to colling system but don't want to run engine for long so considering SYH or Tollesbury
11:00Woodbridge Haven buoy around 0.75M to stbd8191.2
12:50Tacked again about 1M east of Medusa - tacking down coast8202.3
13:40Off Walton Pier8206.8
14:50Off Clacton Pier8214.3
15:35N.Eagle cdnl8219.1
15:50Wind suddenly increasedS4-6
16:15Rolled half jib in and took main down
16:55Tried to pick up Mersea Quarters buoy under sail - picked up, but line v.slippery & too much windage. Started engine.
17:00Picked up another buoy under engine
17:05Engine off8227.410
11/06/201408:55Slipped Mersea buoy8227.4Wind S2-3 Sunny
09:20Picked up Tollesbury waiting buoy822925
George sailed past in Firefly, so came alongside for a cup of tea
10:45Left buoy
11:00In marina8229.715
7' on sill 30 mins before HW - 4.6m tide
28/06/2014Scott, Jilly and Andy on board. Anne and Bob for lunch.Baro 1016
13:35Left marina. Shower started as we left.8229.7Cloudy, grey and showery. Wind N/NW 0-3 - v. variable
14:15Just pass Nass. Engine off, full sail.40N 2-3
15:30Turned round off Clacton and headed back to Colne
16:25Wind died - only making 1kt OG. Engine on, jib in.
17:50Anchored in Pyefleet8252.185
29/06/201404:20Left mooring8252.1Baro 1015
05:00Round Bar buoy8256
05:05Engine off, jib out45Wind N3
05:30Wallet Spitway8258.9
06:10South Whitaker8262.4
08:15Blacktail Spit buoy8276.8
08:40South Shoebury8280.1
09:20West Shoebury buoy8285.2
10:00West Leigh Middle8289.9
Cracked off across channel to south shore
11:15Just off Tilbury cdnl8298.8
Engine on, jib in. Wind heading - can't quite make it along Tilbury Reach
12:10Main down - a lot of rest of river is straight into wind
12:35Off Erith YC8306.7
13:45Just passing O28313.5
Headed down to Tower Bridge and back to Limehouse
14:55Locked into Limehouse
15:15Moored on inside of B pontoon8319.9240
04/07/201406:10Left Limehouse berth8319.9Baro 1018Ric and Andy - Anne left early to drive home
06:20Cleared lock into river
07:20Through Thames Barrier (Span B) - central span closed8326.1
07:30Did a quick circle to wait for Woolwich ferries to switch
08:30Hoisted main - one reef on Long Reach approach to QEII bridge
09:10Passing Tilbury docks8336.5
09:55Past Lower Hope buoy8341.1
Engine off, jib out225Wind S2-3 occ gusting 4
11:100.8M off Southend pier8349.7
12:05S. Shoebury buoy8355.5
12:45Blacktail Spit buoy8359.3
Wind dying a little, so engine on
13:30Just off Maplin buoy8364.2
14:150.5M off NE Maplin (to port)8370
15:00South Whitaker buoy8375.1
15:20Swin Spitway8377.3Wind gusting to SW5-6
16:05Bench Head8382.4
16:35Nass Beacon8386.1
Main down
17:15In berth at Tollesbury8389.1270
11/09/201413:10Left Marina8389.1Cloudy & murky - moderate visGeorge and Andy
13:50Nass - main up with one reef8391.8Wind NE3-4
13:55Engine off, full jib out45Baro 1027
15:00Bar buoy8397.2Wind shifty and varying 7-12kts
16:00Tacked out by green by wind farm
Wind increasing NE5 - took a reef in
17:30Stone Banks 1/2 mile to port8409.5
17:55Landguard Pt buoy8411.6
18:10Wind dying a little and heading. Jib in, engine on.
Main down once in Orwell.
19:10Picked up mooring just N of Levington on east bank8417.360
12/09/201407:50Slipped mooring8417.3Baro 1028
08:20Shotley Spit8419.8
08:45Engine off, full sail, just off Landguard cdnl8422.155
09:15Stone Banks to port. Broad reaching down towards Medusa8423.8Wind NE2-3
09:25Goosewinged - jib poled outWind NE2
11:20Gybed across towards N.EagleWind NE3
11:35N.Eagle8432.9Wind NE3-4
11:55Bench Head8434.3
Sailed down to Ross Revenge and back
13:30Sails in, engine on
14:20Tied up in berth8444.950