Summary/sailing log 2012

Below is the sailing log for 2012.

DateTimeCommentLogCumulative logEngine (mins)Engine (total)WeatherOn board
02/05/2012Jonathan & Andy
09:00Left marina5768.1Baro 1025 Wind NW3-4 murky, moderate visibility
09:40Beyond Nass (past wreck buoy) - main and full jib, engine off4905.540Wind down to 8kts
10:15Bench Head5775.3Wind round to N and back to 12-15kts
Fast close reach up coast - going nicely 7-8kts through waterWind N 15-18kts
11:40Walton pier abeam5786.6
Had to put two tacks in to get past Landguard and into small ship channel
12:45Engine on, jib in just off Cliff Foot buoy5793.8
13:15Moored up against Halfpenny Pier - wind blowing us straight on but fairly comfortable579630
15:10Left Halfpenny Pier
Motored up river - wind coming straight down river
16:25Tied up on hammerhead B pontoon at MDL Woolverstone - RHYC occupied5803.375
03/05/2012Foul night - rained very hard all night and gusty at times. Got up 04:30 and still raining. Some light and reasonable visibility so decided to head off.NE1-2 Baro 1021
06:30Engine off by Guard buoy - full main and jib5810.975Wind NE2-3
Broad reached across to wind farm until Walton pier was dead downwind, then goosewinged towards pier
07:35Walton pier abeam5818Wind NE4-5
08:25Lovely broad reach down coast5823.7Wind round to N 4-5
09:00Headed up onto close reach at Colne Bar5828.5
Lovely close reach down river - 18-21kts wind and 8-9.5kts boat speed. Pressed, but not over-pressed - handled full sail beautifully
09:40Sails down by Nass and engine on5834
10:05In berth5836.625
11/05/2012Baro 1028 Wind SW5-6Anne and Andy
16:05Left marina5836.6
16:35Engine off, full jib out by Nass5840.130
Headed up round Molliette Beacon (400m to port). Close reach into Colne.
17:35Engine on - jib in
17:55Picked up mooring in Pyefleet5847.420
12/05/2012Tried sleeping in aft cabin. A disturbed night with wind over tide and waves slapping around counter.Baro 1038
05:30Slipped mooring5847.4
05:50Engine off - full sail20Wind NW2-3
06:35Knoll - port beam 1/2 mile5853.6Wind NW4-5
Running nicely at 6-7kts
07:00Wallet Spitway5856.5
07:20South Whitaker5859
Rounded up - reaching at 8.5ktsWind NW5
07:35W Hook Middle5860
Strong ebb but making SOG 6kts
09:30Blacktail Spit5876.5
Headed up a little to S Shoebury
09:55S Shoebury5880.9Wind dropped to NNW3
11:35W Leigh Middle - crossed to south side of channel as 'recommended'5893
13:20Jib in by East Tilbury
Engine ignition switch wouldn't turn. Dismantled switch panel and fiddled. Finally went with WD40 and Anne's persuasion at 13:45
13:45Engine went on off Tilbury Cardinal. Main down59-7.2
Nice run down river. Wind v.variable between 5-18kts. Went right down to Tower Bridge and turned round.
17:05Locked into Limehouse lock - not v.slickly - bashed pulpit
17:15In berth B4 at Limehouse5928.8210
21/05/2012New ignition switch fitted in the morning by Peter Lewis at LimehouseAndy & George
13:35Left berth5928.8
13:45Locked out from LimehouseWind NW 3-4 Baro 1015
14:50Thames Barrier5937.1
15:15Full sail, engine off100
15:45Jenningtree Point5943.1
16:40Round Broadness Point past Thurrock YC5948.5
17:30West Blyth buoy5955.3
Headed up onto beat down Mucking Reach. Wind gusting F6 - a little over-pressed with 30kts apparent occasionally, but held full sail and cracked off down Sea reach
18:05E Blyth buoy5960
18:40Mid Swatch5964.3
Wind still N-NW5 gusting 6 but heading comfortably in on broad reach. Gybed into mouth of Medway.
19:10Sails in, engine on off Queenborough Spit cardinal5968.5
19:30Picked up buoy at Queenborough, engine off. Wind blowing clearly down creek NW4-55970.120
22/05/201204:40Dropped mooring5970.1Baro 1017
04:50Main up, one reefWind NW3-4
05:002/3 jib out, engine off20
05:40Or beacon on Cant 0.4M port beam5976.7
Heading 110C toward G Spile buoy
06:00G Spile buoy5979.1
06:45Spaniard Cardinal 0.5M port beam5985.2
06:55NE Corner yellow special buoy5986.8
07:30Copperas G - not marked on Cmap chart, still showing old Hook Spit channel5990.6
08:00S Margate G5994.7
08:20SE Margate E Cardinal5997.2
08:50Longnose R6001.5
09:00Gybed off N.Foreland to 190C down coast. Nice broad reach 9.6kts OG.Wind NW4-5 gusting 6
09:25No.2 Port buoy, Ramsgate channel6006.8Wind all over place NW4-5 gusting 6-7
09:50W Goodwin G6010.3
10:45Jib in, engine on
Closing E entrance Dover Harbour, hoping to be allowed in - port control have told us to close breakwater
11:00Entered E entrance and dropped main inside
11:20Glanville Dock F936021.935
23/05/201205:00Left marina6021.9
Hoisted main with one reef in harbour
05:20Cleared western entrance - course 230C
05:45Shook out reef, jib out and engine off. Picked up a loose fishing float but managed to release it by stopping45Wind NW1-2
06:25Wind died to 3-4 kts. Jib in, engine on
06:40Wind filled in a little, jib out, engine off15
08:20Wind getting very flaky 6-8kts, so jib in, engine on
08:35Dungeness point about 1 mile off6040
12:30Royal Sovereign Tower close starboard6069.3
12:35Engine off, jib out255Wind SW2-3 Baaro 1027
14:10Wind gradually heading us and died a little, jib in, engine on
14:25Beachy Head lower lighthouse abeam 1M6080.2
16:35Moored up, pontoon 11 Brighton Marina6094.1145
24/05/201209:40Left marina6094.1Wind 1-2 kts - glassy calm
10:15Full sail up, engine off35S2-3 suddenly filled in
11:10Visibility dropped right off 50 46.97N, 0 15.4W
12:20Wind dying. Jib in, engine on. Visibility improved for an hour or so and then closed right in 100-200m
50 45.335N, 0 21.999W
13:05Visibility suddenly improved. Checked vis. Observations online and Solent appears clear so decided to carry on.S2-3
Engine off, jib out45
13:1550 43.914N, 0 29.292W6116
13:35Wind died again, jib in, engine on
14:50Beacon on Mixon Rocks abeam 0.5M6126.8
15:00Street R buoy6127.8
SOG 8.6kts through Looe Channel
16:00Dean Tail N Cardinal6134.8
16:45Spit Refuge R in Portsmouth channel by Spit Sand fort6140.2
17:25In Berth C10 at Royal Clarence Marina6144230
26/05/201212:45Left marina6144
Had to queue for C&N fuel berth so gilled around
13:20Moored up on fuel jetty35
Added 57 litres of diesel
13:35Left fuel jetty and headed straight through entrance and inner swashway
13:55Full main up, half jib and engine off20Wind SE4-5
14:40S Ryde Middle G6152.4Wind SE 5-6 gusting 7
15:05Gurnard Cardinal (N)6155.7
15:50Main down, ran in last mile under jib only
16:00Engine on, jib in heading up Lymington River and avoiding Wight Link ferries
16:30In berth H4 Lymington Yacht Haven6164.8
28/05/201214:45Left marina6164.8Wind SW4-5Alex, Ian, Matt, Neil and Rich
Followed ferry out down river slowly
15:15End of Lymington channel. Main up, one reef and : jib. Engine off.30
Tacking out to get through Hurst Narrows
16:30On port close hauled towards Hengistbury Head. CG helicopter buzzes us and asks if we will take part in a hi-line rescue training exercise.
Tacked across bay and back in at 17:10
18:20Tacked out onto starboard about 1/2 mile off Bournemouth Pier6188.1
18:25Let out full jibWind SW3
19:00Tacked back on to port and bore away down Swash Channel6192
19:30Sails down, engine on just off Brownsea Castle
20:00Berth B8 in Poole Quay Yacht Haven6198.530
01/06/201208:50Left marina6198.5Wind WNW 1-2, Baro 1025Paul & Andy
09:35Bar buoy G6203.5
09:45Main up - a little breeze filling in
Motorsailing towards SwanageWSW 2-3
10:10Engine off, jib out80
12:00Tacked onto starboard to clear range WP
12:15Tacked back onto port - nearly clear of second range WP, but plenty of boats inside us
13:25Wind died completely, jib in, engine on, main down
Weaving through boats training and coaching boats; Sonars, 49ers, Finns, Lasers, 470s, RS-Xs etc.
14:25Alongside Portland Marina, pontoon R6231.360
02/06/201211:10Left marina6231.3Bob, Jilly, George & Andy
11:25Main up, one reefWind E3-4
11:40Jib - stop 3, engine off30
Tacked along shore towards Lulworth - slow and wet against tide
14:10Tacked round just off mouth of Lulworth Cove. Did 20 miles to cover 8 OG!6251.3
Broad reached back, gybing a couple of timesWind E4-5
15:30Jib in, engine on
15:40Main down inside harbour
15:55Back on R pontoon in Portland6262.925
05/06/201209:50Motored to N29 to leave boat for a few days6262.9
10:00In berth626310
11/06/201204:20Left berth in Portland6263Anne & Andy
04:35Main up, one reef
04:45Cleared entrance breakwaters, jib 2, kept engine on as running dead downwind to E Shambles
05:45E Shambles Cardinal6272.1
Engine off, gybed round onto 235-240C to clear race85Wind NW4
06:30Portland Bill N 3.5m, heading up on wind
09:30Full jib outWind NW3
10:00Shook reef out 50.23.727N, 3.02.927W
10:25 Jib in, engine onWind NW2-3
11:15Wind died completely - calm
12:50Main down
13:15In berth D54 Brixham Marina6321170
12/06/201208:20Left berth6321Wind N2 Baro 1015
08:30Jib out, motorsailing
08:40Round Berry Head - jib in, not enough breeze downwindWind NNE1-2
09:30Dartmouth entrance
Motored up to Dittisham to have a look
10:35In Berth B2 Darthaven Marina6335.5135
13/06/201205:05Left Dartmouth after foul night of heavy rain6335.5Wind S-SW 1-2
05:55Skerries Bank R6340.9
06:55Start Point bears N 1.5m away. Came initially around 2.5m off to avoid overfalls, but quite benign6347.9
07:25Pulled jib out abeam of Prawle Point. Not quite enough apparent to sail fully.6351.4Wind NE3
07:45Bolt Head abeam 0.8m off
08:20Pulled jib in - wind died a little, not really helping
09:0050 15.017N 3 59.910W6362.5
10:05East Tinker E Cdnl port beam6369.7
10:40In Mayflower Marina B276373.4335
17/06/201208:50Gale finally abated. Left marina.6373.4
09:10Main up, one reef.Wind W 3-4
Motorsailed towards Eddystone and then tacked round to put jib out
10:05Jib out - two dot, engine off75
10:40Jib out to one dotWind SW 3-4
12:10Cracked off 25 degrees towards Fowey
12:50Sails down, engine on at entrance to Fowey6400.1
13:15On buoy, second attempt. Used MoorFast - worked really well.6401.625
18/06/201208:10Dropped mooring6401.6Baro 1022 Wind calm 1-2kts
08:30S Cardinal off Gribbin Point6404
09:05Main up, shook reef outWind S 1-2
09:55Dodman Point bears N 1.5m away6413.8
11:20Main down off St. Anthony's Head
11:55Into Mylor Yacht Harbour225
Moored alongside visitor's berth and then moved to inner berth D266429
05/07/2012Andy Leake and I rejoined boat to try and continue on.
17:35Left mooring at Mylor6429Wind NW 1-2
17:40Full jib out, engine off5
18:25Engine on, jib in shortly before King Harry Ferry
18:45Anchored in middle of River shortly beyond Smugglers Cottage6433.920
Engine water warning light came on - no coolant left
06/07/201209:40Raised anchor after fix on water pipe6433.9
10:00Sails up, engine off by KHF - engine overheating again despite repair20Wind NW 1-2
11:00Main down, gilling around off Mylor entrance buoys waiting for workboat
Picked up mooring (under sail - third attempt!) and workboat appeared straight away!
11:40Back in Mylor YH on visitors pontoon6438.9
07/07/2012Engine hopefully repaired
10:55Left Mylor Yacht Harbour6438.9
Motored down to Falmouth. Gilled around outside visitor's haven for a berth and rafted up alongside large Laagoon catamaran.
11:55Berthed in Falmouth Visitors Yacht Haven6442.860
09/07/201209:55Left marina6442.8
10:10Main upWind SE 1-2 Baro 1018
11:25Manacles E Cardinal6452
Motorsailing - tacking up towards Lizard
12:45Watched lifeboat launch from Lizard lifeboat station
13:50Engine off, jib out235N 3/4
15:00Wind dying - engine on, jib inN 1/2
15:30Breeze filling in from WW 2/3
16:10S.Runnelstone Cardinal 0.3M stbd beam6483.4
Saw dolphins by Runnelstone
16:55Longships lighthouse bearing E 1.1M6488.1
Huge pod of dolphins playing around boat
18:0550 12.702 N 5 43.915W
18:50Engine off, jib out200W 3
19:0050 19.291N 5 41.517W
21:0050 32.196N 5 36.615W6517.8
21:20Took one reef in and jib 2/3.W/NW 4 occ.5
22:0050 39.801N 5 35.085W6526.4
23:0050 46.974N 5 32.594W6534.5
10/07/201200:0050 53.544N 5 31.196W6542.1
01:0051 00.142N 5 30.287W6549.9
01:5551 04.858N 5 29.693W6555.6
03:0051 09.915N 5 27.824W6562.1
05:0051 19.244N 5 22.938W6575.1
06:0051 22.640N 5 20.624W6579.8
07:0051 27.139N 5 15.688W6586.3
07:05Only making 045C - wind headed so jib in, engine onWNW 3
08:0051 32.072N 5 13.987W6593.6
09:10Turbot Bank buoy W Cdnl 1/4M stbd6601.5
09:50Thorn Rock W Cdnl6606.5
09:55Bore away down harbour, engine off, jib out170
10:35Losing breeze - engine on, jib in
11:15Main down off Neyland Point
11:25In berth C11 Neyland Marina6615.150
20/07/201207:10Left marina6615.1Baro 1021Alex and Andy
08:15Main upWind NW2
08:40Mill Bay R6623
09:25Skokholm Island lighthouse bears N 0.9M6626.9
Making 9.3kts OG through between Skomer/Skokholm and Grassholm!
09:40Engine off, jib out90Wind NNW3
13:10Wind variable but dropping to 6-8kts, so engine on, jib in
14:0052 05.024N, 5 44.016W6649.2
15:3052 10.588N, 5 46.298W6657
Tide turned well against us, just 3.5kts OG
17:0052 16.307N, 5 48.818W6666
18:0052 20.738 N, 5 50.228W6671.6
19:1052 27.484N, 5 53.422W6678.5
20:0052 33.060N, 5 56.280W6683.4
21:00S Arklow S cdnl bearing E 0.8M to stbd6689.1
21:35Sun sets - stunningly beautiful sunset over hills on Irish coast
No.2 Glassgorman R 2.2M to port on 285C6692.4
22:00Northernmost mast of Arklow wind farm 2.5M to stbd6695
00:0053 03.094W, 5 57.250W6706.7
01:00Moulditch R 2.5M port beam6712.1
02:00Have slowed down to aim to enter Dun Laoghaire at first light
53 12.050N, 5 59.36W6716.5
04:00Muglins Lighthouse abeam 0.8M6724.4
04:30Main down, 1M off breakwaters
05:15In berth A21 - visitors area Dun Laoghaire marina6729.7965
24/07/201213:45Filled up with fuel at fuel pontoon6729.710George, Alex and Andy
14:05Left Dun Laoghaire marina
14:20Engine off, jib out15Wind NNE 2-3 Baro 1021
Tacking across Dublin Bay
15:10Wind died, jib in, engine on
15:40Round Baily Pt. lighthouse6736.8
16:10Main down, approaaching Howth Harbour
16:30Moored up in Howth - v.tight berth6741.480
25/07/2012V.gusty during nightBaro 1023 Wind NE 3-4
05:10Left marina6741.4
Lumpy overfalls outside harbour
05:25Main up, motorsailing on 035-040
06:45The Nose, Lambay Island abeam6749.8
08:25Rockabill bears W 2.3M6758.2Wind NE 4 gusting 5 occ
11:1053 50.758N, 5 53.914W6773
12:1053 57.082N, 5 51.523W6779
13:1054 03.108N, 5 47.045W6785.2
15:00St.Johns Pt lthouse bears W 2M6796.3
15:30Berthed in Ardglass marina6799.1455
26/07/201205:10Left marina6799.1Baro 1025
05:20Main up, motorsailingWind N2
05:35Engine off, jib out25
06:05Strangford RW safe water mark6804.5Wind N3
Nice close reach up towards S.Rock 7kt OG
07:10S Rock R close stbd6810.8
08:50Skullmartin RW safe water mark to stbd6819.7
Tacking along coast
10:55Engine on, jib in to get through Donagdhee Sound6830.3
11:00Between Governor and Deputy Governor G&R - tide strongly against6830.5
11:25Engine off, jib out30
11:40Briggs R to port, turning corner into Belfast Lough6834.5
Nice slow potter along to Bangor
12:25Engine on, jib in
12:45Moored up E14 Bangor Marina6837.815
09/08/201210:35Motored to fuel berth6837.8
Filled up fuel, new gas bottle and pumped out holding tank10
11:10Left fuel berth
11:30Full main and jib, engine off20Wind NE 2
Tacked slowly down towards Donagdahee Sound
12:45Sails in, engine on
13:05Back in marina6843.720
In berth D52 - our winter berth