Sadler Starlight 39 - Reg. No. 720142
About Charmary
Charmary is a Starlight 39 built in 1990. She was purchased by Andy Beharrell in July 2010 and is a wing keel version (Starlights were also built with fin keels).
Where is Charmary?
Charmary is currently based in the Baltic at Oxelösunds Båtvarv just south of Stockholm. Select the ‘Where are we now?‘ menu to find out where we are currently berthed …
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Out of the water 2018
The shortest trip of the season today. At 7.15am we headed out from Oxelösund Fiskehamn and briefly went out into the channel (but only to warm...
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Completing the circle
The wind was not quite so obliging today. Though a nice breeze, it was from bang on the nose and the route through from Ringson...
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Ringson anon
Nynashamn was a very suitable stop for a couple of nights while we did various jobs, got some gas etc etc, but ... we were...
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Nynashamn anon
We decided to make a prompt start this morning and so left around 07.40 from Nämdö Dalsundet. It was a lovely anchorage - quiet and peaceful...
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Nämdö via Sandhamn
Needing to head south now, back towards Oxelösund, we came out of Krokholmsviken and turned left and left again ... As a diversion though we decided...
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Krokholmsviken anon
After a lay day in Vaxholm and also a visit to Stockholm to visit the Royal Palace and also drop Anne off at the airport...
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Vaxholm anon
During peak season, Vaxholm is probably one of the busiest places in the northern archipelago. This can be accounted for to an extent because of...
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Ghosting to Grinda
The weather kept following the same pattern today. Completely calm overnight and then a very gentle breeze coming up during the morning, but bright sunshine....
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Trundling to Träskö Storö
A very short run today to carry on our quest of finding as many anchorages as possible in the northern archipelago. With the help of...
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