Sadler Starlight 39 - Reg. No. 720142
About Charmary
Charmary is a Starlight 39 built in 1990. She was purchased by Andy Beharrell in July 2010 and is a wing keel version (Starlights were also built with fin keels).
Where is Charmary?
Charmary is currently based in the Baltic at Oxelösunds Båtvarv just south of Stockholm. Select the 'Where are we now?' menu to find out where we are currently berthed ...
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Vaxholm anon
During peak season, Vaxholm is probably one of the busiest places in the northern archipelago. This can be accounted for to an extent because of...
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Ghosting to Grinda
The weather kept following the same pattern today. Completely calm overnight and then a very gentle breeze coming up during the morning, but bright sunshine....
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Trundling to Träskö Storö
A very short run today to carry on our quest of finding as many anchorages as possible in the northern archipelago. With the help of...
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Languishing at Lådna
To quell the disappointment at the football result, we moved this morning to another anchorage in the archipelago on Lådna. We had to motor all the...
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Vexing Vaxholm
We set off promptly this morning. We wanted to get a berth in Vaxholm as we figured that would be the best place to watch...
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Engaging Ekholmen
Another short run today to continue our mission of exploring the northern part of the archipelago. We left Krokholmsviken just before 10am and headed back...
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Gällnö to Krokholmsviken
Carrying on in the vein of exploring new anchorages, we headed today for a small anchorage called Krokholmsviken. We knew this had a tight and...
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Gliding to Gällnö
Yesterday morning we had a look round the fort. As expected, it was a damp, depressing place, but fascinating historically and intriguing to see how...
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Arholma to Siaröfortet
We had meant to have another early start this morning, but, for a change, Airborne had beaten up and were long gone heading south. Constance...
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