Sadler Starlight 39 - Reg. No. 720142
About Charmary
Charmary is a Starlight 39 built in 1990. She was purchased by Andy Beharrell in July 2010 and is a wing keel version (Starlights were also built with fin keels).
Where is Charmary?
Charmary is currently based in the Baltic at Oxelösunds Båtvarv just south of Stockholm. Select the 'Where are we now?' menu to find out where we are currently berthed ...
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Nudging to Namdo
Another beautiful sail today. The wind stayed in the south, so after a delicious Pecan slice and Kanelbulle (cinammon roll) from the local bakery, we...
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Nudging to Nynashamn
A great sail today - sun, a force 3 and a beam reach. The sort of sail you read about other people having, but just...
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Ringson revisited
From Nykoping, we headed once again to Ringson. We had a great breeze and, apart from a few minutes where we had to turn the...
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Nyköping anew
With most of the re-rigging done and Leslie having arrived at Oxelösund, we headed fairly quickly round to Nykoping. The Fiskehamn at Oxelösund is very convenient and...
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Oxelösund once again
After a frantic couple of days getting the boat prepared, she went in the water today. It would be nice to say that everything went...
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2017 – Stockholm to Stockholm
Overall in 2017, we did around 900 miles from Oxelösund back to Oxelösund via Helsinki. We started May 27th and arrived back on August 3rd....
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Returning to Oxelösund
We finally completed the circle today and arrived back at Oxelösund. We left Ringson about 8.30am and pottered through the archipelago under motor (the wind was light...
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Returning to Ringson
We finally crossed our outward track today as we headed from Nåttarö to Ringson. We did a total of 32.9 miles in 5 hours and...
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Nudging to Nåttarö
In our quest to head further south, we decided to head today for Nåttarö. On paper (or electronic chart), this was a good decision - a...
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