A short sojourn in Seaport Marina

Having arrived in Seaport Marina (Inverness), we will be leaving the boat for 10 days or so. On the way into the canal, we were advised to buy a two week transit licence and we can then extend that for a few days, which should just last us long enough. So, the boat will be staying in Seaport for a while.

Thanks to the Bard, one of the better known residents of Inverness was Mac Bethad mac Findláich (Macbeth). The castle in Inverness is said to have been built originally by Máel Coluim III (Malcolm III) of Scotland after he had destroyed the castle built by Macbeth. Macbeth, as the story goes, saw a dagger before him and decided it would be a waste not to use it and so murdered Máel Coluim’s father Donnchad (Duncan I).

Charmary in Seaport Marina
Charmary in Seaport Marina

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