Familiar Furusund

With Alan now on board, we headed once again for Furusund to start making progress north. Rather than heading through the main ferry channel, which seemed a little boring for Alan given he hasn’t seen the areas, we decided to go the long way round through the middle of the archipelago. This was about 5 miles longer, but was a lovely route. Initially we headed east and then picked up the main north-south yacht track to come out at the south western end of the islands of Yxlan and Blido. we then sailed through between them and, at the end headed round the corner to Furusund Gasthamn. We picked up a stern buoy next door to Airborne. At least, we picked it up, but the sheperd’s crook hook we use dropped off! So, we moored anyway and I got to go for my first swim of the trip to put it back on.

We managed to sail most of the way. The wind was very light for the first couple of hours and so we did have to motor for that stretch, but after that it filled in a little and we managed to sail all the rest of the way to Furusund.