Genteel Gallno

After a day off in Sandhamn (mainly people and hen party watching, but also catching up on jobs), we tried to move on today to Gallno. I say tried as, Pat and Stephen left ahead of us and, just as we were about to go, I checked the steering and it was completely jammed. We What’s App’ed them and they very kindly came back. So, over coffee and biscuits and a copy of Nigel Calder’s boat owners manual, we managed to fix it. A stray pin had wandered so far out, it had jammed completely into the front of the steering unit.

Anyway, finally we left and had a great sail across to the northern harbour on Gallno. There are two huge pools once you get through the narrow entrance and we tucked into a small bay off the southern one. A beautiful spot. We went ashore and walked across the island to the main ferry jetty, arriving just in time for all the weekend residents to be leaving on the ferry. The island does apparently have 30 full time residents, but this is much larger in the summer and at weekends.

For details of the track we took, follow the link below: