Nämdö via Sandhamn

Needing to head south now, back towards Oxelösund, we came out of Krokholmsviken and turned left and left again … As a diversion though we decided to turn left again and head through to show Ric Sandhamn. Our previous visits were very nice to Sandhamn, but I was intrigued to see how it might be different at the peak of summer. The answer we discovered was … very different. Even at 10.30am when we motored past, there was a queue of about five or six boats jostling for position to get a space, with a harbourmaster in a KSSS RIB trying to maintain order. Dignity seemed to have gone some time before for all the boats jostling for position, but at least the harbourmaster seemed to be preventing too many arguments. With the hotel marina having signs that their marina section was fully booked and the pilot jetty being blocked by a helicopter, we felt very smug as we turned round and headed south again to Nämdö. We did manage a short sail on the way across to Sandhamn, but for the next stretch, the wind really was too light and with apparent winds from aft of between 0 and 4 knots, there was really no point sailing. However, it is navigationally interesting weaving through the Bullerö nature reserve. The scenery is very different to further north with the rocks being much lower lying and less extensive vegetation. There are few navigational marks, so it is simply a matter of tracking yourself on the tablet and avoiding anything that looks solid … At about 1.15pm we arrived at Nämdö Dalsundet on the west side of Nämdö, but quite well protected and anchored there. To see our track, follow the link below: