Ringson anon

Nynashamn was a very suitable stop for a couple of nights while we did various jobs, got some gas etc etc, but … we were quite glad to leave. After two very noisy nights with powerboats alongside us coming back from the bars early in the morning and carrying on the parties on board, it was a relief to move on. So, we left Nynashamn about 8.15am and, after a diversion via the fuel berth (added 48 litres – not too bad considering how much motoring we have had to do recently), we headed south. To get from Nynashamn to Ringson means heading more or less due south, then doing a dogleg through the rocks north of Landsort and then heading more or less due west. With winds from the SW at around 10-12 knots, we managed to lay the dogleg on one tack – lovely sailing. To get through the dogleg, the jib came in and the motor went on for a couple of miles, but, as soon as we got to the other side, the jib came out. The wind obligingly shifted very slightly and increased to around 12-16 knots as well, so we could lay the channel across to Savosund in one tack. There were a few moments when it went a bit shifty and we thought we might have to tack, but we even got right through Savosund (where the wind is notoriously fluky) all on one tack. The sails finally came down just before the entrance to Ringson. A cracking sail – shorts and t-shirt all the way and making around 6.5-7 knots OG much of the way (to windward!). To see our track, follow the link below: