Ghosting to Grinda

Once Hugh and Liz had left, it was just Anne and I on board, so in a move resembling groundhog day, we headed back past Vaxholm for the third time. We did manage to sail most of the way, but turned the engine on to get round Vaxholm fort. After Vaxholm though, we headed a little further south than previously to an anchorage we last went to about four years ago – Grinda Hästholmsundet. We had a small diversion for a couple of minutes to deal with a ‘hat overboard’ situation, but otherwise it was a very easy run. Grinda Hästholmsundet is a narrow channel between Grinda and Hästholmsundet (a small island to the south) and is generally quite sheltered. There are occasional washes from ferries going past which sneak in there, but nothing much at all.

With the weather still pretty hot and feeling too lazy to pump up the dinghy, we cooled down by swimming ashore and lounging on the beach for a bit before swimming back again. A nice relaxing afternoon.