Amsterdam to Stockholm (2016)


Our 2016 cruise was from Amsterdam to Oxelösund. We took two months over the cruise to give us time to explore on the way rather than it just being a passage. We headed through the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer to Lemmer and then into the standing mast route. The original plan had been to go right through to Groningen, but we got delayed waiting for a bridge at Leeuwarden for a few days, so in the end locked out of the Lauwersmeer and did a passage straight from Lauwersoog to Brunsbuttel to enter the Kiel Canal.

From Kiel we headed up to the Oresund and cruised the area around Copenhagen for a couple of weeks. Then along the southern Swedish coast to Ystad to join the CA 2016 Baltic Rally. The CA Rally ended at Kalmar where we joined Airborne for a TSC Rally heading north as far as Nykoping. We then headed back down to Oxelosund to leave the boat for the winter.


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