Over to Oxelosunds Batvarv

The final and shortest trip of the season – from Oxelosund Gasthamn to Oxelosunds Batvarv. The last couple of days have been spent packing everything up. Sails off, halyards moused, food sorted and either eaten (preferable) or thrown away (not so easy). We also drained the tanks, pumped and cleaned the loos and generally did all the delightful jobs required at the end of each season.

The boatyard will then also blow through the water system with an airline to ensure nothing is left in the tanks as the boat is going in their ‘cold shed’ – something that would appear to describe the situation perfectly as winter temperatures can get as cold as -25oC.  I am assured though that is is a dry cold, so the boat will be fine. I will pass judgement on that next year!