Returning to Ringson

We finally crossed our outward track today as we headed from Nåttarö to Ringson. We did a total of 32.9 miles in 5 hours and 20 minutes with around half of this under sail. we left Nåttarö just after 8am and for the first couple of hours weaved through the inshore channels inside Landsort. Once through the wind filled in a little and we managed to sail for nearly all the rest of the trip. We did have to put the engine on as we went through the narrow gap at Savosund as the wind headed us, but we then tacked through the meteor crater north of Ringson to arrive finally at the entrance to the anchorage.

A lovely walk round the island in the afternoon spotting the herd of deer and then a relaxing evening on the boat at anchor (apart from one wierd squall late in the afternoon).