Nudging to Nåttarö

In our quest to head further south, we decided to head today for Nåttarö. On paper (or electronic chart), this was a good decision – a further 25 miles or so in the right direction towards Oxelösund, but unfortunately the weather had other ideas. So, while the first couple of hours was lovely, we then had a grotty motor into the wind when we hit the open stretch to the east of Utö. Two hours of bouncing up and down was not delightful, but it made the anchorage seem all the nicer when it didn’t move at all! An afternoon walk on the island and an ice cream though soon had us feeling better. We anchored off in around 8 metres of water and, though it is quite a busy anchorage, it still has a generally quiet feel about it.

Nåttarö is part of a sandy ridge that runs between Sandhamn and Gotska Sandon and this apparent from the very different vegetation and scenery. The island has become quite a playground for locals with cottages, a village shop, youth hostel and extensive camping. This is probably because it has what are described as the best beaches in the area. It is easy to be the best when they are probably almost the only ones!