2017 – Stockholm to Stockholm

Overall in 2017, we did around 900 miles from Oxelösund back to Oxelösund via Helsinki. We started May 27th and arrived back on August 3rd. Initially we headed up through Södertälje to Lake Mälaren and explored there for a few days. We then took the back route into Stockholm, changed crew and headed across to Helsinki via the Åland Islands. We then left the boat at HSK Helsinki for a couple of weeks and when we returned used the boat as a base to go to St. Petersburg for a few days on the ferry and also to head over to Tallinn for a day trip. The route back allowed us to explore the Åland Islands for a little longer and we headed once again into Stockholm and then south through the Baggenstaket past Saltsjöbaden and gradually back to Oxelösund to leave the boat once again for the winter.

The links below take you through the various bog posts in chronological order: