Offbeat Oregrund

We decided this morning to head for our original destination of the previous day – Oregrund. Alan and I started early as I had a phone meeting to do at 3.30pm, so wanted to be there by then. The weather was lovely and we started the day in a different style to yesterday by mooring alongside the ‘poo barge’ as it became known. Once we had pumped out the tank we headed off, but not before circling the barge to take a photo. Alan noticed it was called Septikon, so wondered if it was a Power Ranger and, if so, what would its special power be ….  You need something to amuse you on long passages!

The day started with a nice NE3 and we managed to sail most of the way as far as the Svartklubben lighthouse in good time. This got us into the sheltered channel up to Oregrund, but unfortunately after another hour and a half the wind died, so we had to motor the last couple of hours. Still a lovely trip. As with a lot of places, the gasthamn was not open for the season so we just went alongside the jetty. Sadly this meant there were no facilities open, but it also meant that we had a free night so generally a win …

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