Hopping to Härnösand

We decided to leave Bönhamn fairly early to head back down to Härnösand. We started well and managed to sail for the first half hour or so, but then the wind died, so the engine came on again. This Seemed to be the cue for the wind to come back but from the opposite direction. Within half an hour we had a decent breeze and were sailing nicely, albeit with the prospect of several tacks to make it down the east coast of the island of Härnön. In the event, the wind gradually shifted and we only needed a single tack to clear the headland on the north east tip of the island. By the time we went round the Storholmen lighthouse, the wind had risen and we were doing 7.5 knots over the ground. We then turned and ran north up to the Härnösand South guest harbour once again, moored close to Airborne. In total we did 35.5 miles.

To see our track, follow the link below: