Ghosting to Grinda

The weather kept following the same pattern today. Completely calm overnight and then a very gentle breeze coming up during the morning, but bright sunshine. Beautiful weather, but not so much for sailing. With just 4-6 knots of breeze and a course downwind, the iron topsail was the choice of the day once again. We left Träskö Storö just after 10am and just over an hour and a half later arrived at an anchorage to the south of Grinda. We weren’t sure exactly where we would anchor. We knew we wanted to be in easy range of Vaxholm to ensure we could get a berth to pick up Richard tomorrow, but apart from that weren’t sure. We thought we would look at the one on Grinda first and then perhaps move on to another one further south, but the Grinda anchorage looked very nice with a beach and reasonable shelter. A few washes made their way in, but it was generally very sheltered. In total we did just 8.9 miles. To see our track, follow the link below:

With the temperature reaching over 30oC, the afternoon saw the storm jib coming out. Though perhaps not the standard use of it, it made an excellent sun shade for the cockpit. It is the first time it has been used in anger, though we did think the first use might be in slightly different circumstances! Once this was rigged, as usual we headed ashore and had a lovely walk across the island. This made us very glad we were moored to the south as the gasthamn was …. lively …. The motorboat community had clearly taken the island to their hearts and the ‘petrol-head’ vibe was enhanced by a helicopter parked by Grinda Wärdshus. We were quite happy to take the nice woodland path back to our secluded, and quiet, anchorage.