Vaxholm anon

During peak season, Vaxholm is probably one of the busiest places in the northern archipelago. This can be accounted for to an extent because of its location – just 10 miles from Stockholm, but also because it is a lovely town. It is a hub for all the archipelago ferries. These are not renowned for their slow, cautious approaches to the jetties and so Vaxholm gasthamn can suffer from wash, but the hundreds of motorboats going constantly past don’t help with this either! Despite this, it is probably the best place to pick up and change over crew, so we headed off promptly this morning to try and ensure getting a berth. Leaving around 8.45am, we got to Vaxholm about 10.25. As we entered the harbour, with immaculate timing a Bavaria 42 popped out and so we took his berth on the far side of the inner jetty, hoping this might be a little more sheltered. in total we did just 9.9 miles, sadly all under engine as there was rarely more than 3 knots of wind. However, with bright sunshine from the moment we left, we weren’t complaining. To see our track, follow the link below:

Richard arrived a couple of hours later on one of the ferries from Stockholm. By chance he ended up on one of the old, traditional archipelago steamers.