It’s over … Oxelösund

The last trip this morning … Apart from a very short run to drop the boat over at the boatyard on Saturday, that is it for the season. For many Swedes the season is just beginning. They tend to come out to play a week or two after midsummer, but we prefer to be gone when they come out, so we try to time the end of our season to around early July – hence finishing now. So, we left Nyköping shortly after 9am and once through the entrance channel, managed an hour or so of sailing before we headed round towards the steelworks and our final destination. We made a quick stop at the other guest harbour to fill the tanks with fuel before winterising the boat and then headed into Oxelösund Fiskehamn – the guest harbour by the boatyard.

A short trip – just 11 miles bringing our total distance for the season to 1,200 miles.