Klomping to Klintholm

A lovely (if chilly) sail today from Gedser to Klintholm (35.9 miles). We set off about 8.40am with a lovely breeze, but a slightly murky and chilly day in store. We manage to host sails almost as soon as we left Gedser (by the ferry port) and finally took them down a few hundred metres from the entrance to Klintholm. The wind stayed resolutely in the east heading slightly north occasionally and initially was around 16-18 knots. However, we just held Klintholm on one tack and around lunchtime the sun came out and the wind eased to nearer 10-12 knots, fading just as we approached the harbour.

Klintholm itself is a small fishing village and is apparently a popular tourist resort. There are boat trips to the Mons Klint – otherwise known as the white cliffs of Mons. This is one of the highest points in Denmark at around 143 metres! In that sense Denmark seems to be almost as vertically challenged as Essex. I am guessing though that is is not as challenged as Essex in other ways.