Cavorting back to Copenhagen

IMG_1702With Derek and Adie needing to get back home, we headed back to Copenhagen this afternoon. However, before heading back, we spent the morning looking around the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The museum was directly beside the Humblebaek yacht harbour and so was only a five minute walk away. Just a trip round the gardens would have been good, with various sculptures (including Henry Moore’s) dotted around the place. The gardens were beautifully laid out and round each corner was another sculpture with the main Henry Moore ideally placed at the top of the slope down towards the water giving the impression at times of it floating on the Baltic. There was also a special exhibition of Op Art and Kinetic Art which was almost a sensory overload, along with the permanent collection including a lot of Danish artists who I had never heard of. I wasn’t sure whether the wooden pyramid in the gardens was a piece of art or a climbing frame, so I joined the other children climbing it. Turned out it was both – a piece of art you can climb! Did give a lovely view of the Oresund though …

Once we had all finished, we headed out with no real expectation of a sail given the calm there had been all morning. However, the weather gods were on our side and the breeze was 10 knots as we headed out, rising to 17-22 knots at times. We did have to put one short tack in to clear the shore, but otherwise we managed the whole trip on one tack with a record speed of 7.8 knots as we bore away for the Copenhagen channel. In total, on a five hour trip, we motored for around 20 minutes – excellent sailing.

We headed once again into Langelinie harbour and, surprisingly, our previous berth was empty again, so we headed back into it. This time though, we were ready for the stern mooring as we had bought a hook (or shepherd’s crook) to help us pick up the buoy as we came in. Now we blend in better with the locals!