Navigating to Nykoping

An early start today. Pat and Stephen wanted to get to Nykoping promptly to pick up some new crew and we wanted to ensure that Jilly was in plenty of time for her flight. So we left Arkosund just after 7.30am. After fuelling we headed straight for Nykoping, arriving at 12.35. Unfortunately we had to motor all the way, but a lovely sea breeze kicked it around lunchtime – ah well ……

Once there we started investigating wintering the boat at Marincentrum just down the river. We walked down and, despite having emailed several times, rung and having Pat and Stephen try to book a place for us, they were completely noncommittal. They said they would have to check and contact us the next day. This seemed too vague for me, so the rest of the afternoon was spent ringing around other local boatyards. Their sister company Salto Marin at Oxelosund said they might have a space, but the most positive by far was Oxelosund Batvarv who immediately said they would fit us in. That made the decision easy. Nykoping by the way never rang back as promised and Salto Marin rang back asking me when I wanted my boat launched! Not classic service from either of them. Swedish boatyards seem laid back to the point of being horizontal – not what we are used to.

So – tomorrow we will head down to Oxelosund and see how we get on.