Häggvik revisited

With the weather improved, we returned the car Saturday evening and early Sunday morning headed off from Härnösand to sail up the coast to Häggvik. The morning started quite lively (but sunny) with 20-25 knot gusts blowing us down south towards the southern tip of Harnon island. As we turned round the tip of the island, the gusts eased a little and we had a lovely sail under jib only up the coast. The wind kept shifting, but we made it all the way up the coast on one tack and only turned the engine on around an hour before we got to Häggvik. Given that it was a Sunday and midsummer weekend, we had expected the gasthamn to be busy, but found that when we arrived at lunchtime, we were only the fourth boat in there. The weather must have put people off, or it is still too early in the season?

To see our track, follow the link below:

We spent the afternoon climbing up Stortorget and visiting the Mannamine Museum.