Borgholm to Kalmar

After a few days stopping over in Borgholm to explore Öland Island, we headed off this morning to get to Kalmar to change over crew. Somehow though the wind seemed to know exactly where we wanted to go and it sat perfectly on the nose. Thirty degrees wither way and we could easily have sailed, but no, it blew from precisely 15 degrees west of south – the course to Kalmar. So – once again, we did a good impression of a motor boat instead. The wind was quite gusty and when we started at around 6.30am it was around 15 knots, but by the time we arrived was gusting closer to 23 knots, so we were quite happy to get in before it got up more (which it did). Happily, there was a space beside Airborne (they arrived the day before) and so we headed into that. We’ll now stay for a few days while Anne heads home and Leslie joins me.

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