Engaging with Enkhuizen

Our canalside stopover was very peaceful for the night and we started off again just before 9am to try and catch the first bridge as soon as it opened. We did that and the bridges were then very slick for the day – we scarcely waited for more than 5 minutes for any bridge, even the railway bridges. With no lunchtime restrictions on openings either, we got to Lemmer just after lunch, so we decided to go straight through the lock and turn right across to Enkhuizen. 

The forecast was for light breezes so we were delighted to find that we had around 15-18 knots of breeze and we were able to fetch Enkhuizen on a close reach. We made good speed under jib only – making 7 knots OG for much of the time. A great sail which made up for having the engine on all the time through the canals.

To view our track, follow the link below: