1. Lovely to see you both on Sunday , we are now in Norfolk minding Jemima and Amelia for one night before making our way up to Happisburgh for a couple of days ! The exhibition was a success, some sales and a commission……..love to you both …..Belinda and John

  2. Is it possible to give a little bit at the end to say where you might be heading off to next. I know you dont always know – but you can always give us the options. Can’t reply on the home page? Anne

  3. Hi Andy, Have just sent an email to Anne, I don’t think she is with you at present. What an amazing journey you are undertaking. What is your estimate length of time for the entire trip?? I feel as though I am much more familiar with the area of England you have covered to date. I do hope you plan to write a book detailing your travels. Must admit I have never been sailing even though we spent so much time on the water at Labrador Broadwater, near Southport, mostly rowing our dinghy. We hear it has been a dreadful spring in London though reports from Chelsea Flower Show would indicate sunshine and summery clothes at present. Just 4 weeks tomorrow and Alexander (14) and I will be leaving for London. People here are becoming excited about the Olympics, there is lots of TV coverage in the lead up to the 26th(?) July. We have such happy memories of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney when Samantha, Dominic and I went to many of the events. S&D received tickets to the diving, track & field and beach volleyball in the ballot, so all looking forward to these events. Do hope the weather is kind to you Andy. We look forward to following your travels and reading of your experiences en route. Take care. With love and best wishes, Jen

  4. Hi Andy – sorry to miss out on the eve with some of your friends from Canford last week on your yacht. I’ve been very busy settling my mother down here having moved from Edinburgh a few months ago at the grand age of 85 – a very plucky lady who loves meeting people so she should do well here although Edinburgh still beckons to work the Festival in August for both of us (at least for one more year).

    Love to Ann. Amazing to hear about Alex finishing at Southampton Uni – the years go by so quickly.

    Keith enjoyed his evening with you and we both hope to see you again in the not too distant….

    all the best on the remainder of your voyage.

    R u t h H a y

  5. Hi Andy

    Whilst you’re in Weymouth look out for the Australian Para Olympians – A friend of our is there tomorrow – Liesl Tesch crewing the Australian Skud


  6. Hi Andy and Anne,

    Thanks for the tips. We will be in Weymouth to morrow after a rather damp and windy day in Torbay.

    your adventure is fantastic and I like the titles you give each leg of you circumnavigation.

    happy sailing and if you are in NZ look us up… or even in San Francisco we have family who can put you up and take you for a sail on a Very elegant eight metre class yacht called Yucca. (I raced on it and you probably saw photo,s on our blog)

    Cheers Graham, and Bernie

  7. Hi Andy
    Your sailing adventures make great reading and viewing in Queensland, Australia.
    Sail well.

    Geraldine, Anne’s “Aussie cousin”.

  8. As you move further north you might see more basking sharks. Several are being satellite tracked off the west scottish coast. It’s still early days and more sharks still be be tagged. Page includes link to Marine Conservation Society page for reporting Basking Shark sightings (and other species they are interested in).


  9. Hi Andy, Anne and Alex……Just read your latest postings, much more interesting than most of the books I manage to find at the library!! What an adventure you are having though it does sound that the weather could be kinder to you. Not sure just who is on board at the moment. Great photos too. Reasonable trip back to Australia, arriving 14 Aug. Still cold in Brisbane though lovely lot of sunshine. Hoping to see Cameron and family this weekend. Bunt, Dene and families now well though have been flu-affected despite vaccinations. Jetlag still present, not driving car yet as still feeling rather fuzzy in the head. Olympics were fabulous, especially the final night of track and field. Team GB certainly excelled, not so team Australia. Very impressed with the organisation of all at Olympic Park, a great credit to the organisers and volunteers, latter all very helpful and friendly.

    I do hope the weather improves for you.
    My love to you all,

  10. Andy

    Having just purchased my first yacht, all my previous sailing being done through the Royal Air Force, I found your article in PBO very interesting. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I have indeed used your article as a starting point to chart our progress with my yacht. I am sure that I will only be one of many to start “blogging” as a result of your article. Thanks very much for nudging me in the right direction, happy sailing in 2013.


  11. Hi Andy.

    Gather from your website that Charmary might be headed my way in 2013? We`re based Loch Lhinne / Loch Leven ( just south of Fort William )

    If so I may be of use with” heads-up ” info of the Scottish West Coast should you feel the need

    Got your details from PBO article November 2012 regarding setting-up a website for ” boaty-type” people —- haven`t as yet taken the plunge. Great Idea. But can`t imagine how you find the time for entries after a day`s sailng ! I`m usually SOOOH ready for a glass or two of the orange stuff that should I then be tempted to “post ” a log the resulting entry would probably be highly likely to be libellous ——- apart from which the likelyhood of getting access to the internet West Coast-wise isn`t that great, especially when in the “dream anchorages ”

    Anyway if you make it this far I`m pretty sure it will spoil you for anywhere else in the UK

    KInd regards

    Sandy and Janice ———- Katsiki Catalina 28

  12. Hello Anne and Andy

    I’ve just caught up with your travels. It does sound as though the weather is more reasonable than it was in 2012. You must be very relieved. Relief also to see that Charmary had withstood the rigours of winter and come through in reasonable condition. Thanks Anne for your email. I checked on Wikipedia to learn more about Sir Thomas Brisbane. Must admit I didn’t realise he was governor of NSW, not QLD. I love the T.M.Brisbane bridge at Largs. I gather Sir T.B. was not too popular with some during his term as governor. My history of Brisbane is now more complete. I was fascinated with Ailsa Crag(?). Just beginning to get slightly chilly here now, even wearing socks early a.m. and p.m. I notice at last the temps are increasing in London, so relieved to see. Samantha & Dominic just back after 9 days in Barbados. They loved the warm weather, being able to swim. They are off to Paris for 5 days towards the end of May, then S&I will also go early in July. I wonder what Alex is doing now. I was so happy to receive a post card from him in San Francisco. Do you know at this stage Anne when you might be in Essex during June??

    Do hope the reasonable weather continues for your travels. I look forward to seeing you soon Anne and hopefully Andy and Alex.

    With my love and good wishes,

  13. Tarbert Harbour, Marina and environs look so picturesque. It does sound as though you are having a truly enjoyable time. I think the weather is better in your part of the world than it is in London. We woke to a sunny morning for the first time in 2 weeks though overcast and chilly again by midday. I have just sent an email to your Yahoo email address Anne. Thankfully my cold has much improved, now it is time for my allergy!! Yes, Andy Murray did win Queens. Nadal is out in the first round of W’don to a Belgain ranked 135 in the world. a HUGE surprise though Nadal does seem to be injured. I have a feeling all of the young British women went out in the first round. Hewitt managed to beat Wawrinka, BIG surprise. Tomic and Stosur playing today so I must check their results. Lots of drama in Australian cricket. Goodness. knows how they will perform in the Ashes series coming up. Also beaten by the Lions in Brisbane. Oh dear, not much to be happy about in Australian sport at present, as the British newspapers are telling us!! Will be great to see you all again on Friday 28th, Lots of love, Jen

  14. Hello Anne and Andy

    I’m not sure if you are on Charmary at the present, taking her to Oban in readiness for her winter mooring. I’ll send and email to Anne’s address as well. What an experience it must have been going through the Crinan Canal. Slow going???? I notice in a number of your other photos that the skies look rather ominous and you are well and truly rugged up. It makes me feel cold looking at some of the waves and dark clouds above. Then again, the spinnaker is a beautiful mixture of bold, bright colours.

    My computer is on its very last legs. So slow in fact that upon giving a command I can then put out some washing, unpack groceries etc etc before returning to the computer in the hope that it has in fact moved on with my request. The car has been consuming $$$$$$s recently so a new laptop is next on the list.

    I have two piles of clothes in my bedroom, one winter, one summer, to cope with our ever changing day temps. Now I’m back in socks and cardigan in lieu of shorts and t-shirts.

    Repotting plants and enjoying my olive tree, doubt it will ever bear fruit. My white jasmine is literally sprouting buds before my eyes, the pink one has finished flowering for the year. About to plant some white alyssum and parsley and may need to repot my Jennifer-Susan camellia which is not showing any progress.

    I’m sorry Anne that I cannot assist you with your queries re relatives. Dene is the one I rely on for any information in that area.

    Would you believe, your recent email has appeared below this one I am writing and I note that you are both at home and going north in November to sort out Charmary for the winter. Hmmmm, sorry about that, what a memory I now have.

    Will have some lunch and then move over to your home emaill address. With love, Jen